Thank you to all the subscribers on my channel. Thanks to you, I received a silver button frame. I will try to upload a better video Thank you once again ♥ Today I want to have food delivered. I’ll have Indian food Tandoori Chicken Leg Assorted seafood curry spicy NAAN Garlic NAAN Hi I ordered Indian food today. It’s tandoori chicken It’s not sweet but spicy It tastes like pepper and curry Delicious. But the taste is a bit bland Korean chicken is spicy, salty and sweet I think tandoori chicken is a little spicy, plain and healthy food. Garlic NAAN Assorted seafood curry spicy This is very delicious. NAAN have a very good texture. Curry is spicy and smells good Turmeric rice The curry is really good I think this is red radish pickle Sweet and sour Eating healthy food I feel healthy This is really delicious It tastes a bit sweet This is Korean KIMCHI Baked in a brazier, it’s really yummy I don’t think it’s greasy at all The fat attached to the chicken bone was also removed. It’s a little chewy despite being a chicken leg. It’s really not greasy This NAAN and curry is more delicious than chicken The lipstick is all gone. Thanks to you, i enjoyed delicious meal today. Please click Subscribe and Good. It’s a big help to me. Thank you for watching