Hi Guy’s, welcome to Kanak’s Kitchen I will be showing a very tasty and tempting Kulcha today Aloo Kulcha You can serve this with curd, pickle or any gravy Let’s see what you need for this Ingredients Take all purpose flour in a large bowl Add little bit of salt Sugar, and carrom seeds Mix well together Create a space in the middle Add yogurt in this space Add baking powder Add Baking soda Mix it slightly Both baking soda and baking powder will be active Aloo kulcha will be soft anf fluffy because of this Add oil Mix them all well together Add little water You can also use milk instead of water Mix this together for 3-4 mins Until it becomes semi soft dough Now it is ready Cover it with a slight moist cloth Keep it in some warm place for 3-4 hours For potato stuffing, take boiled potatoes Add fresh paneer Salt Red chilly powder coriander powder dry mango powder Garam masala Ginger and green chilli paste Fresh coriander Mix them well together Mix small roundels out of these After 3 hours, you can see that dough has expanded Make small roundels On a dry surface, roll them out Add potato filling in the same Press it slightly Close it well Remove excess dough Add dry flour to it Once it is rolled properly, wet the top surface with water Sprinkle sesame seeds And little Onion seeds Little coriander leaves to it Pat it on top Take a non stick pan or tawa Cook on one side for 30-40 seconds Brush it with any oil, ghee or butter Toss it on other side Flip it this way on both sides using little butter or oil Until it is fully cooked and ready It will turn golden brown in color It is quite spongy and soft Press the sides as well so as to cook evenly Add butter as per your taste or convenience Now the kulcha is ready Serve it on a plate, with curd, butter, chola or any gravy Like, Share and Subscribe to Kanak’s Kitchen 🙂