hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with almond meal pancakes that’s right it’s always wonderful when the
best version of a recipe also just happens to be the easiest version of the
recipe which is the case with these amazingly delicious and super simple
almond pancakes and believe me I’ve tried a lot of different versions of
this and they were always either too light and too eggy or had too much
almond and were too dense and heavy but here I finally found something that
strikes the perfect balance and yes in case you’re wondering these are
gluten-free in case you’re into that kind of thing
or should I say not into that kind of thing but either way let’s go ahead and
get started by adding two large eggs to a mixing bowl along with one large
bubble and then something that every good pancake batter needs and that would
be some liquefied fat and believe it or not what I like to use is olive oil okay
you could use melted butter or another vegetable oil but I think that a little
bit of bitterness in the olive oil really works well on this and then to
that we will add a couple tablespoons of maple syrup plus a little splash of real
vanilla extract which not only adds flavor here but it also cancels flavor
since one of the nella extract superpowers is making the eggs in a
recipe taste less eggy but anyway we’ll continue on with a nice big pinch of
salt before finishing up with some finely ground almond meal plus last but
not least a nice spoon of baking powder now hot baking soda we want baking
powder and that’s it we’ll simply take a whisk and mix this for a couple minutes
or until we are 100% positive this is completely a thoroughly mixed and of
course one of the nice things about a gluten-free batter is that we don’t have
to worry about our pancakes getting tough if we over mix it so feel free to
whisk as long as you want and that’s it this incredibly simple how many pancake
batter is now done and once it is for best results what we want to do is let
it sit for about ten minutes just to give those ingredients a little bit of
time to get acquainted and for that baking powder to start to activate
although you’re really not going to see much in the way of bubbles and you know
what if you’re late for work and you’re in a hurry
don’t worry you could probably head right to the stove I mean you are after
all the rich little a Wonder Girl but I do get the
rushon that these do cook up a little better if we let the batter sit
but regardless when we’re ready to cook we can head to the stove and we’ll scoop
our batter into a lightly buttered non-stick pan which we set over medium
heat and if I’m being honest when I make these for myself I usually make one big
pancake but they are much easier to flip if you
make small ones not to mention they are way more photogenic and Instagram Abul
so keep that in mind if you’re chasing those likes and then what we’ll do is
let these cook on the first side for about three or four minutes or until
they start to get a little bit dry around the edges and maybe we see a few
little bubbles popping up through the surface and I can see a couple of those
here and also the other telltale sign as the bottom is getting golden brown so
don’t be afraid to peek and once we feel like that first sides gone long enough
we’ll get a flip and that’s it once we’ve managed to carefully turn those
over we will give the other side about two or three minutes or until they feel
like they’re sat when we give them a little gentle poke also known as the old
polka polka okay if they still kind of feel mushy give another minute and
that’s it we will pull those off the heat and serve them up on a nice warm
plate and then as far as a topping here I think these are perfect with some
fresh fruit so what I did is toss some blueberries and sections of tangerine
with some maple syrup and we’ll go ahead and spoon that over the top and by
mixing the maple syrup with the fruit not only does everything get beautifully
shiny but we’ve cut our garnishing production time in half which is pretty
good oh and by the way of course those tangerines were seedless all right only
a sadist would use citrus with seasoning for this so choose carefully and that’s
it these almond meal pancakes are finally ready to enjoy and that my
friends is just a stunningly beautiful and most importantly absolutely
delicious plate of pancakes and the fact that these might and probably are a
little bit healthier for you is beside the point
since these really are amazing in both taste and texture okay they are neither
too eggy nor too almani and really do have a surprisingly neutral flavor and
as far as the texture goes they really are wonderfully light yet still
substantial enough to be very satisfying like every plate of pancakes should be
no matter what they’re made of oh and if you’re into how juicy
blueberries feel free to add a handful right to the batter as I’ve tried that
before and it does work beautifully but anyway to summarize I love everything
about these including just how easy these are to make I mean this recipe has
literally dumped everything in a bowl and mix which makes it a perfect recipe
for the kids of course but anyway whether you’ve been searching for a
gluten-free option for regular pancakes or you’ve made a New Year’s resolution
to try to eat a little bit of healthier with recipes that don’t taste any
healthier or you’re just looking to shake up that usual breakfast routine in
any event I really do hope you give these a try soon so please follow the
links below for all the ingredient amounts a printable written recipe and
much more info as usual and as always enjoy you