You know I have made a lot of chicken in
my cooks essentials air fryer since I’ve had it. I can honestly say that this
barbecued chicken I’m about ready to show you is on my list of favorites and
it is so easy to do. If you’re new here and not yet subscribed and looking for
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Alright let’s get started on this barbecue chicken. Alright I have six
chicken thighs. I’m gonna use this seasoning that I found at Lowe’s it is “rub
some chicken”. I’m gonna go ahead and season both sides. I can only get four chicken thighs in
here of course. I thought maybe I could use my wire rack but it does not sit up
high enough. No big deal for me I’ll just do two batches. So we are ready to go pop
this into the airfryer. Okay, I usually do chicken thighs at 380 degrees that’s
what I’m going to do today. I have the timer set for 30 minutes, halfway through
we’re gonna flip these over. We are halfway in and this smells so good. I’m
gonna go ahead and flip these over real quick. I have these flipped, I’m gonna put
these in for 10 more minutes we’re gonna take them out and do our last and final
step. We have five minutes left we are gonna take these out and smother them in
barbecue sauce. I’m going to be using sweet baby very sweet and spicy barbecue
sauce. By the way what is your favorite barbecue sauce? Do you make your own or
do you use store bought? I’m really curious to know. Okay so I did warm this up a
little bit in the microwave since this just came out of the fridge.
I’m gonna go ahead now and pour this straight over the chicken and I’m gonna
make sure every inch is coated well. If need to add more barbecue sauce I will. I
could have brushed it on but I really like doing it this way. It just really
gives it a nice thick coat. Okay the chicken is coated I’m gonna go ahead and
put it back in the air fryer basket and we are gonna let it go for the remaining
five minutes. Oh my gosh. Now I will take a temp. We are good to go.
All right, Jim and I are both going to take a bite because we are very anxious. Very hot. Oh my gosh…The barbecue sauce is
nice and thick. oh it’s finger-licking good literally. Tender and juicy. So if you’re looking
for more air fryer chicken recipes you might want to check these out. I want to
thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you next time.