-I remember once I took
my friend out for pizza. She was like, “Let’s get
gluten-free pizza.” And I’m like, “Mmm, great.”
It was not good. She loved it. She was like,
“This is so good. Blah, blah.” And I was like,
“I’m glad you like it ’cause I think
it’s fucking shit.” Today, we’re going to make
scones — gluten-free scones. Now, don’t think of these
as, like, gluten-free scones
where you’re like, “Ew, gluten-free.
There not gonna taste good.” Because this tastes
fucking delicious. The flour that we’re using
is almond flour. I’m not gonna say
this is really good for you. That’s a fucking lie, okay? ‘Cause I’m gonna add some sugar
to this shit and it’s not gonna be
that good for you anymore. Now, you can also find
almond meal. Almond meal and almond flour
are pretty interchangeable, except almond flour
has usually been sifted, so it’s a little bit more fine
than almond meal. So, we’ve got our
almond flour in here. We’ve got some sugar,
just normal white sugar. Some salt, just there.
Baking soda. Fun fact for you guys —
People are like, “Can I swap baking soda
for baking powder?” Baking soda is four times
as strong as baking powder. It’s a leavener,
so it’s gonna activate that initial time
when it gets mixed — when the acid —
the buttermilk, whatever. Now, baking powder
will activate twice — once when you mix it wet
the first time, and then the second time
in the oven when it’s rising, when the heat gets to it, okay? Make sense? I think it does. If it doesn’t,
and if I am wrong, ’cause I know I fucking
am fucking up a little bit of that
right now — Google it.
I think I’m pretty accurate. If not… whatever. Okay, back to this. We’re gonna mix this together
with our butter — unsalted butter, as usual. This is about 4 tablespoons. You notice I cubed it up
in here. We’re just gonna
mix all this together, just like this
with our little hands. I feel like a food processor
sometimes. You’ll overwork it. But that’s what I’m doing
with my hands right now. By putting it
in the food processor, it’ll just kind of make it
almost into a little brick. I don’t want a brick of scone. I want a delicious,
sweet, fun scone, and that’s what — that’s what
that’s gonna be. Okay? So, using our hands,
more control. Make sense?
Yeah, it does make sense. You’re right, Farideh. That’s my word today,
is “make sense.” Make sense? Make sense?
It does make sense. ♪ Dun, da, da, da ♪ Baking sheet I’ve prepared
already with parchment paper. I’m gonna add my buttermilk in.
This is only 3 tablespoons. If you wanted, you could make
this dairy-free, as well,
and not put buttermilk in. You could use soy milk
or almond milk. I did this once with soy milk,
and it came out great. Just don’t look. I’m using —
That’s my little trick. Little trick so you
can get all that — Still has some flour in it.
See that, Peter? Still got flour in it?
Scoops it out. Gluten stuff doesn’t affect me like the way it might
a celiac person, but I do have a lot of friends
who eat gluten-free, and I wanted to make a recipe
for dessert that they could eat
that I also would like. This makes everyone happy.
It makes me happy, which is the
most important thing, and then also my friends. So, now I’m just kind of
forming it into, usually about six inches across,
which is like this. Okay? So, just patting it.
Little patty cake. [ Gasps] Is this what they mean
by patty cake do you think? ♪ Patty cake, patty cake,
baker’s man ♪ ♪ Bake me a cake
as fast as you can ♪ ♪ Roll it ♪ ♪ Something ♪ ♪ And mark it with a “B” ♪ ♪ Put it in the oven
for Peter and me ♪ Ahh, that’s weird.
Okay. Here we go. Things just got weird. Okay. So, we’ve got our
little patty cake here. This is so good. The dough is so good
just on its own. Like, if this was just,
like, you know, all-purpose flour or whatever —
You don’t want to eat raw flour like that, whatever,
but you could eat this dough. Like, you could actually
just, like, eat this. You could roll it up and fucking
eat these balls like that. [ Laughs ] Maybe. So, you’re gonna cut this into,
like I said, six wedges so it cuts
really nice and easily. So we’re cutting it.
A little pizza, guys. So, and then
they just come up — Look. Nice little wedges.
So easy. So, I’m just gonna
put it on here — parchment-lined
prepped fucking shit. God, I am cursing up a storm
right now. Where is Farideh’s
curse counter today, huh? I was like, “I’m gonna stop
cursing the rest of this –” Oh, fuck. [ Laughter ] Hold on. This one got
a little wonky here. So, just gonna brush a little
bit of cream over the top. If you wanted to, you could
just use buttermilk on this. Buttermilk, I feel like that’s
one of those Google things, and you can’t buy
buttermilk in, like, a pint or a quart container
or whatever. You can only buy it in a quart,
and then it’s like, “What do I do with the rest
of this buttermilk?” So, some people are like,
“I don’t have that ingredient. What can I use?”
You can alternate and you can use
equal amount of milk and just add like a splash, like a teaspoon or so,
of lemon juice ’cause that’s gonna help curdle
it and make it that sour taste. ‘Cause the whole thing
about buttermilk is
it’s a little bit sour. You can also use yogurt
as a substitute. So if you have, like,
a plain yogurt in your fridge, use that instead of buttermilk,
or if you wanted
to use the milk, add a little bit of
yada, yada, yada, whatever. Also, like I said before, you
can use almond milk or soy milk. It’s all gonna be fine. We’re gonna sprinkle this
with some Demerara sugar. I kind of like that
it crystallizes on there, it cooks on there, and then
it’s almost like crème brûlée ’cause it has, like,
a little bit of, like,
crispiness on the top. Okay, a little bit of sugar
on the top. ♪ Doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ And then we’re gonna bake these
at 400 degrees for about, like,
12 to 14 minutes. They’re gonna get nice
and golden around the edges, they’re gonna rise a little bit, and, like, kind of get really,
like, delicate and flakier and just delicious. Okay?
So, to the oven we go. Next up is a couple things.
We’re gonna whip some cream. But we’re also going to
cook our fruit. I wanted to do a summer dessert kind of like
strawberry shortcake because I love
strawberry shortcake and I think it’s just the best. This is not that, okay?
I wish it was a little bit, but I wanted
to do something like that, and I couldn’t do
the same exact recipe, so I did this with the old
gluten-free almond scones. And then instead
of strawberries, we’re using nectarines
and blueberries. You could use any fruit
that you want. Peter is bored of me
whipping cream on camera. So, we’re gonna go
nice and slow. So we got cream, vanilla,
confectioners’ sugar. We’re gonna whip it, ‘kay? Just like this. Nice and slow. Taking our time. Just like this. Because Peter. You could use Cool Whip.
Cool Whip is such
a good ingredient. Can we talk about
Cool Whip for a second?
I don’t know what it is. If you take it out from frozen
and put it in the fridge for, like, two hours
to, like, slightly defrost, it’s so good semi-frozen with,
like, your fruit and stuff. Oh, man. Cool Whip.
Cool Whip is just the best. I should be an ambassador
for Cool Whip. God. Look at that. That’s, like, perfect. This is the best part
about baking. When I was a kid
with my mom — I think this is true
for any child — that this is what you want. This
is what you’re waiting for. To eat the fucking cookie
dough or the whipped cream or whatever off of the spoon,
the spatula, the bowl. Oh, yeah! We are gonna work
with our fucking fruit. We got some nice clean fruits. I’m gonna just cut some wedges
out of the fruit. Throw in our blueberries
into here. Look at them. Right into the
butter. So throw them in there. Also, nectarines
and blueberries cooking together like this
just looks so pretty. See how the blueberries
kind of color it? They’re kind of bursting
a little bit, getting to, like, heat up
and, like, explode. This is your ultimate
summer dessert. It’s a crowd pleaser. I made this
for a barbecue recently, and motherfuckers
were eating this nonstop. This one kid — I was, like,
plating up, and he came in and ate four of the scones
before I even had a chance to plate it,
and it was really annoying. But the scones are so good
just as is. I’m gonna add a little bit
of sugar into this. This is like a couple teaspoons
or something. I might not use all of it
’cause you don’t — Like I said, just a taste.
It only needs a little bit. I kind of like that they’re
a little under-ripe because then you’re gonna
still have a little bit of bite when you’re eating the fruit. I want it to have a little bit
of that al dente-ness. No one ever refers to fruit
as al dente. I just did. There you go. Look. It’s pretty much done. Like, the berries
have kind of burst. You can see it.
It’s this beautiful color. We’re good. And just like that,
the scones are done. Everything came together
exactly at the same time. Ohh. Look at them.
Nice and golden. They kind of cracked
a little bit here and there. Ooh, look at this.
It’s so exciting. So, look, here’s my scone. Golden on the outside.
Crackly and delicious. The bottom has a nice
light-brown color. The inside is still, like,
a little bit doughy and stuff. But it’s nice. It’s like —
It’s just perfect. It’s, like, delicious
just as is. Mmm! I forgot to mention
the little crystals of Demerara sugar on the top. Come on.
Everyone’s eating today. Amanda, can you catch? Look at her
with the fucking sling. [ Laughter ] Now, these are perfect
just like this, but they’re better
with all the fixins. Get some of that extra juice. Get a little drizzle.
This cream is perfect. It’d be better if it was
Cool Whip, but whatever. Just — We’re gonna use
regular cream. Oh, look.
It just slides right off. Like, altogether, this shit
is so fucking good. Damn. Mmmmm! So well-balanced with, like,
the nuttiness of the almonds, the sweetness of the fruit
and of the whipped cream. Like, the berries
and everything are warm, and then the cream just, like,
melts into it like that. Leave me alone so I can
just eat this now by myself. For the recipe, click the link
in the description below. Don’t forget to post it.
#CookMunchies. Thank you. Bye. Peace. Bye.
Whatever. Later. Bye. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Okay. Who wants some?