hello friends welcome to the amazing world
of biryanis Hyderabad. today I am shooting in Hyderabad and you can see the crowd moving.
it is a peak time so people are going to the offices and work and today I am going to taste
some of the most popular fast food. which are available in Hyderabad and they are very
special here so let’s try all of this. so friends here I have some of the most delicious
and very popular south Indian fast food which are going to try right now so it will be very
good for you to know the taste and how it taste and what should be eaten with what thing
and other things which are necessary to know for you. travelling in India and specially
in Hyderabad. here I have some of the most popular south
Indian fast food and which are specially available in Hyderabad with biryanis and other stuffs.
so I hope you guys will like this. and this first thing is known as idli. it
is very famous all over the world. now the world knows about this and it is made by rice
flour. this is known as bhonda it is very simple bhonda. made from dal and rice. also
this another thing is known. it is a stuff filled with potato mixture and this is the
mendu vada. it is also very much similar like this. but
it is different in shape and size. this is known as bread pakoda. bread pakoda is also
very popular fast food and this one is known as alu bhonda.
it is very heavy but I hope it will taste too. and these are the curries and chutneys
and this one is onion dhosa it is very popular and available in almost everywhere in India
but if you come to south India then you must try this because it is very famous and very
common here and this one is simple puri made from the all purpose and this is the sambhar
and it is known as chatni. and this is the alu khorma. and I am really surprise that
same food in the south India and the rest of the India. it is looking very fresh and
really very good in taste because it is comfort food for them so they make it every day. so
it is really very good thing about it and I hope you guys enjoyed this episode.
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