Wheat dosa is a healthy breakfast recipe which can be taken by all. This recipe is good for the diabetic diet. Wheat dosa recipe can be used as part of weight loss recipes also 6 different types of wheat dosas are shown here Varieties of wheat dosa for breakfast, snacks, kid’s lunch box etc are there These are instant wheat dosa recipes Please subscribe for more similar videos Subscribe by clicking the button below Wheat Ghee Roast Instead of ENO, you can add baking soda and leave the dosa batter for about 15 minutes If you use ENO, the dosa batter can be used instantly Wheat Pizza Dosa Avoid the curry leaves and shallots from the batter, when you are preparing the wheat pizza dosa Try this wheat pizza dosa as a snack or kids lunch box / tiffin box recipes Wheat Elanchi – sweet roll Here also, you don’t need to add curry leaves and shallots while preparing the dosa batter For added taste, you can roast the fillings in ghee or butter. Try adding dry fruits also It will look like a letter now !!! You can make the filling like masala dosa, chicken, keema or paneer masala !!! Make your own varieties !!! Healthy wheat bran dosa Wheat, rice or oats bran can be used here Ideal for a diabetic diet make it part of weight loss diet and even as a remedy for constipation Wheat Neer Dosa Try it with fish or egg curry !!! Wheat Ada or Wheat Ottada Hope you liked the wheat doa varieties Please subscribe