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in today’s video we’re making some healthy snack ideas I decided to make
these really simple so that you guys all have the ingredients at home they’re not
gonna be anything fancy but just good simple easy snacks that you can make at
home I do have a playlist as well along with a ton more healthy snack ideas so
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subscribe if you haven’t already and let’s get to making some delicious
snacks so the first Mac we are making are these
zucchini roll-ups I’m starting off by slicing some thin strips of a zucchini
with my vegetable peeler and zucchini is great because it really helps the body
to remove toxins and it’s also loaded with potassium which really helps to
lower blood pressure plus it’s loaded with vitamin C which is a great
antioxidant for the body so the vegetable peeler allows it to get really
nice and thin so that we can roll this zucchini into our little roll-ups and
then I’m going to be mashing up half of an avocado avocado is great healthy fats
and the healthy fats in this are really what helps keep you full and also helps
to keep your blood sugar stable so that’s what we really want in a healthy
snack we really want healthy fats to keep us full and something to stabilize
our blood sugar so I’m taking a little bit of the avocado and I’m spreading
that on to one of my strips of zucchini and then I’m adding on just a touch of
everything bagel seasoning I’ll leave a recipe to make your own down below if
there’s no Trader Joe’s near you you could also just do a pinch of Himalayan
salt and then I’m sprinkling onto some pumpkin seeds which are loaded with zinc
great for your immune system it may also have manganese which is great for your
heart and then it’s really easy all you have to do is roll up the little
zucchini and you have these little bite-size roll-ups they’re super easy to
make you can make these for school for work or just at home a really nice quick
snack to help your hunger and will help keep your blood sugar stable next up
were making some cacao cashews so I’m starting off by making some paleo
chocolate with some coconut oil and some cacao powder now the great thing about
this is that because we’re not heating this up the antioxidants and everything
in the raw cacao powder stay there and you get all those benefits and all
those nutrients in it for you so then I’m adding in a teaspoon of maple syrup
just for a little bit of sweetness plus maple syrup in small amounts is great
for your immune system as well and you kind of stir that together until you get
a nice smooth velvety chocolate then I’m going to be adding in a cup of raw
cashews and now I love cashews because they help to form your bone and
connective tissue and they also help to eliminate free radicals you could also
do almonds here or your favorite kind of nut you just need 1 cup of raw nuts so
whatever your favorite nut is you can substitute that in here stir that
together with the chocolate and then I’m just pouring that onto a silicone baking
sheet you could also use parchment paper or wax paper do something that won’t
stick so that when they Harden they will be easy to peel off I’m putting on a
pinch of Himalayan salt which has so many essential minerals in it and then
once they Harden you can pop them in the fridge or you can eat them right away
and make a great like healthy treat that’s also kind of sweet next up were
making these snickerdoodle bites so I’m using 1/2 a cup of almond butter again
healthy fats help to keep our blood sugar stable plus nuts are loaded with
lots of different minerals in it for you I’m adding in some coconut flour which
is high in fiber high in protein along with some cinnamon which is great for
regulating your blood sugar and also gives it that snickerdoodle flavor and
then a little bit of vanilla which also has antioxidants in it for you and it’s
great for immune support so then you need to stir that all together and you
can substitute the almond butter for a seed butter if you’re allergic to nuts
so like a sunflower seed butter would taste really good or a pumpkin seed
butter and then you just take a little bit and you’re gonna use the palms of
your hand to make little ball shapes and roll them until they are nice and
wrapped and once you’re done you’ll have these super easy snickerdoodle bites
there’s no fancy ingredients you probably already have all this stuff in
your pantry and they make a great on-the-go snack – next up were making a
basic bruschetta toast so I’m using a half of a tomato tomatoes are loaded
with antioxidants em’ly are also great at helping to keep
your blood sugar stable so I’m just slicing up it into chunks and then we
are going to be cutting it the other way around – so you want to get like the
little small square chunks so that they can really
sit on top of our toast and then I’m taking some fresh basil that I actually
have from my garden which is pretty proud guys that I’ve been able to keep
this garden alive like for the most of the summer so far so I’m chopping that
up and then I’m taking a slice of sweet potato toast you guys have seen me make
sweet potatoes many times you just slice it up pop it in the oven for 25 minutes
so I always have these on hand throughout the week to make little
snacks and meals putting the tomatoes in the basil on top super easy quick snack
and lastly we’re making a green smoothie so I’m starting off with some kale kale
is just so nutrient dense but if you prefer you can also use spinach here but
it’s too bitter for you half of an avocado again those healthy fats to
really keep us full a little bit of ginger which is great for digestion and
immune support some parsley which is a great anti-inflammatory it’s also an
anti microbial and pouring a little bit of almond milk again just to blend that
together and then you have a perfect green smoothie that was easy to make no
fancy superfoods just stuff that you can get really easily and not fancy at all
thank you guys for watching if you enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a
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