– Yeah, I’ll do one more. Oh, oh (moans). I’m always fishin’ for my phone. Mmm! Always fishin’. (upbeat music) Hey, Health Nuts! Happy 2018.
(fireworks) I am so excited.
(crowd cheering) It is a brand new year. It is the perfect time of the year to start your new habits, start
living your best life ever. And, if you’re new to my channel, hi guys, I’m Nikole and I share healthy recipes, lifestyle and wellness
tips, and, I basically just like to share all the
things that I’m doing in my life with you guys, and
hopefully inspire you guys to live healthier, eat
better, and feel amazing. So, for today’s video, to
launch 2018, we are doing an epic five-ingredient
smoothies, five different ways. ‘Cause you guys are always asking me for more smoothie recipes
because if you follow me on Instagram stories,
you know I basically make a green smoothie every single day. Sometimes I mix it up and
I don’t always put greens if I’m out, but I wanted
to share some options for you guys who maybe are
new to smoothies; you’re not ready to do, like, full-on
green salad blended up into a smoothie, type of smoothies. I gave some really tasty
options that are also full of nutrients, vitamins,
vegetables, lots of healthy benefits to fill your body with. Before I hop in, I want
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newsletters in your inbox, and it’s really cool. So, without further ado,
let’s get in to blending some delicious smoothies. Shall we? For the first smoothie,
we are bringing back a childhood favorite,
peanut butter and jelly. You will need frozen
strawberries, chia seeds, natural peanut butter, a ripe banana,
and unsweetened coconut milk. You can really use any
milk that you like, but I really like coconut. In a high speed blender,
start with your liquid first. This will just help
everything blend together really smooth, and easily. Add in the rest of the ingredients,
and blend until smooth. In case you’re interested,
I will link the exact blender that I’m using
down below in the info box. I actually love this one
because there’s a setting that you can set for smoothies. So I just set it, and walk
away in the morning, and my smoothie is perfectly
smooth every time. Transfer into a tall glass. (upbeat music) Optional, you can drizzle
on some peanut butter, and salted peanuts for crunch. Pop in a straw and drink up. (upbeat music) Smoothie number two is my Mango Sunrise. For this smoothie, you’ll
need a carrot, frozen mango, banana, lemon juice, and
unsweetened coconut milk. And then in a blender, add
in all of your ingredients, starting with liquid first. (upbeat music) Blend until smooth. Transfer into a tall
glass, and there you have a delicious and refreshing
morning smoothie. This one is perfect for
cold and flu season since it’s packed with vitamin C. (upbeat music) For my third smoothie, I
am making a detox smoothie, which is very green, but
I promise, still tasty. You will need kale,
cucumber, cilantro, banana, and some water. Add in all your ingredients
into a high speed blender, starting with the liquid. (upbeat music) And blend until everything
is nice and smooth. I promise the banana is
gonna mask all the greens in the smoothie, but optional,
you can also just add in a Medjool Date if you
want it a little bit sweeter. Pop in a straw and drink up. Smoothie number four is
my antioxidant smoothie, which is filled with rich
colored foods that are so good for you. For this one you’ll need some
swiss chard, frozen berries, steamed or raw beet root, banana, and unsweetened coconut milk. Add everything into your blender and blend until creamy smooth. You may think I’m crazy by
adding beet root into the smoothie, but I promise, it
blends right in, the banana will mask it, and you
get some extra veggies in your smoothie. Transfer into a tall
glass, and say goodbye to those free radicals. (upbeat music) Last but not least, and this
one is Chloe’s favorite. This is my Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie. You will need fresh mint,
of course; chocolate chips. You can also use cacao, or
carob chips; avocado, banana, and unsweetened coconut milk. You’re going to add in
all of your ingredients, starting with the liquid,
except for the chocolate chips. We’re gonna add those a bit later. Also, I froze my avocado
to make the smoothie extra creamy and cold. Blend everything up until nice and smooth. Once everything is blended,
you can go ahead and sprinkle in the chocolate chips. Then you just wanna pulse
it until it kinda just breaks up into the smoothie. So you still get it dispersed
throughout the smoothie, but you have that crunchy
texture when you’re drinking it. Transfer into a tall glass,
and for this one you wanna maybe get a thicker straw
so you can actually get the little chocolate
chips come through when you’re drinking it. I sprinkled a couple extra
on top, just because. This one may taste like
dessert, but I promise, it’s gonna keep you full
with those healthy fats from the avocado. All right guys, there you
have it, five ingredient smoothies, five different ways. Honestly, smoothie making
has never been easier. It does not have to be
this complicated thing of like 20 different super foods and powders into your smoothie. They can be really simple
and basic and still full of nutrients that will fill
you up and keep you energized for the entire day. I swear by smoothies. I feel like they help balance
my blood sugar, they help keep me full, and satiated
throughout the day, and I find when I drink a
green smoothie in the morning, I’m less likely to
crave junky, sweet foods throughout the day. So, they really do make a difference. And it’s just amazing,
it’s like a multivitamin in a drinkable glass. Give it a try. Try drinking one smoothie
every single day for the whole month of January, and
let me know how you feel. I would love to know the results. And if you aren’t already
subscribed to this channel, be sure to hit that red button down below. We are so close to 300,000
subscribers on my channel, which is really, really cool. I can’t believe how big the
Health Nut family is getting. And all of your avocado
emojis in the comments on my YouTube videos are
seriously making my day, every time I read them and see them. I love that that’s like
the new emoji mascot for Health Nut Nutrition. So, thank you so much
for the support and love. I’m so excited for the
start of a brand new year. It’s the perfect time to create
new habits, feel amazing. Let’s make 2018, honestly,
the best year yet. I’m also working on my
own personal goals with managing my anxiety and stress
levels, and hormonal issues that I have. I’ve been starting to see a
Naturopath and I’m actually seeing this month, a Hypnotherapist. So, really exciting. I’m excited to share with
you guys like, my journey, and the results. I know a lot of you guys have
asked me about that; how my anxiety managing is going,
and I know a lot of people deal with it as well. So, I definitely wanna
share more about that on my channel here. So stay tuned. I have so many exciting
videos and recipes coming up in the New Year. And I can’t wait to see
you guys in my next one. Thank you so much for watching. I love you guys. (blows kiss) Have a wonderful beginning
of 2018, and I wish you guys all the best on your health journeys. Talk to you guys later. Bye. (upbeat music)