– Today we’re making
five different lunches using one main ingredient,
hard boiled eggs. Yes, a whole week’s worth of
lunches with hard boiled eggs. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Laura, and today I’m
showing you five great ways to fill your lunch box when you want to use up hard boiled eggs. Keeping the school and
office lunches fresh and ever changing can be a daunting task, and I’m here to help
you minimize wasted food at the end of the week. Today I’m gonna show you how
to make a lunch box version of deviled eggs, the best
avocado and toast sandwich, a cobb salad wrap, a protein
box, and a low carb wrap. You’ll find lots of ideas like these, including weekly meal
plans over at MOMables.com, so make sure to click on
the link below this video and check them out. First, if you need the perfect method to boil your eggs so they’re easy to peel, make sure you click on the video up here, or the link in the description
box below this video. It’s super easy and they peel great. So now that we have our eggs
ready, let’s get started. The first lunch is my lunch
box version of deviled eggs. They’re super easy to make and
it’s like bringing party food to school or the office. These particular deviled
eggs were made by replacing the mayo with hummus and
mixing it with the yolk, making these extra delicious. I’m just gonna pack those
along with some veggies and some soup in a thermos. One of my favorite things
to eat is avocado on toast, so I’m going to upgrade that with protein by adding sliced egg. Then a little Cajun seasoning on top, close the sandwich and it’s done. All you have to do is
pack it in a lunch box, and you’re good to go. Next is a lunch time
favorite, a cobb salad wrap. In a medium bowl I’m gonna add
some finely chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, diced avocado, chopped boiled eggs, and shredded cheese. Toss it with your favorite salad dressing until it’s all combined. Now place the salad
mixture onto your wrap, folding the sides like this, and roll. All you have to do is slice it in half, and it’s ready to go. Gorgeous, right? Place a wrap in the
lunch box with some fruit and plantain chips. Now for a high protein MOMable lunch box, this one is easy but often overlooked. Take two boiled eggs, a few turkey slices, cheese cubes, and some fruit. The crackers are optional,
and it’s much more nutritious and filling than anything
you can buy packaged, and the added protein helps
keep one satiated longer. And finally, a low carb,
high protein lettuce cup. Take a few lettuce
leaves to form your cups. In a small bowl I’m gonna
combine some cherry tomatoes that I’ve sliced in half,
chopped egg, and crumbled bacon. I’m going to drizzle a
little olive oil, salt, pepper, and now transfer it inside of each of these lettuce cups. To this I’m gonna add a little
fruit and some plantain chips or crackers, and this lunch is ready. And there you have it, five
different school or office ideas that use boiled eggs in the lunch box. If you love these ideas and want more, browse to YouTube channel and subscribe. A new video comes out every single week, and I know that you don’t wanna miss out.