welcome back to my channel today we are
doing some healthy breakfast I’ve got five different ones for you so you have
one for every one of the school or the work week they’re all so delicious and
so easy to make if you’re new subscribe and let’s go ahead and get into these
healthy breakfast so first off we are making a single serve cinnamon roll this
was really requested by you guys and I finally have the recipe for you so I’m
starting off with three tablespoons of a paleo flour it’s like a blend flour but
you could also use almond flour here some baking powder as well as some
cinnamon and just folding all of the dry ingredients together and then I’m going
to be adding in the wet so we’re adding in just a touch of maple syrup for
sweetness along with some almond milk you can use any kind of cashew milk hemp
milk any kind of plant-based milk will work here
and let me know down below do you call it a cinnamon roll or a cinnamon bun I’m
really curious and then I’m going to be adding in a tbsp of ghee but you can
also use coconut oil as well they will work kind of the same I just find the
ghee has a little bit more flavor to it so go ahead and mix that until you get a
nice dough consistency where you can handle it and it’s not too sticky as you
can see and then you’re just going to roll that out until it’s about half and
in according to 1/2 an inch thick and then I’m going to be sprinkling that
with the star of the show of course which is our cinnamon and I’m just gonna
do it until I coat the whole edge of it and then I’m gonna be adding on a little
bit of coconut sugar which is a great alternative to your normal refined sugar
and then you just need to roll it so just be gentle when you roll it and it
comes together fairly easily it might be a little bit sticky but it won’t stick
or shouldn’t stick completely to your board and then I pressed it down and I’m
putting that into a ramekin and placing that in the oven and then once it’s
baked off I’m covering it with a little bit of coconut butter kind of like an
icing and it’s really delicious and it totally feels like icing this is
a great quick easy to make recipe you can also do it in the microwave but I do
prefer the oven either way it is too delicious next up or making this seedy
avocado toast which is basically avocado toast but elevated so I’m starting off
by mashing up some avocado and avocado is great because it’s actually really
full of fiber a lot of people know it’s great for its healthy fats which it is
but it’s actually full of fiber and fiber helps to feed your good gut
bacteria it keeps you full and also keeps you regular and that all helps
with digestion and bloating and everything so I’m putting that on top of
just a paleo bagel half if you guys want to recipe for paleo bagels I did make
one and I will link that in the description box below I’m covering that
with some pumpkin seeds which are rich in zinc good for your immune system some
chia seeds which are loaded with omega threes hemp parts also loaded with Omega
threes and all of these really boost the micronutrient profile of avocado toast
because it has so many things like magnesium and manganese all of which are
necessary cofactors for lots of different functions in the body plus it
takes great and advocate of crunch to your avocado toast next up we are making
a mocha smoothie and it’s exactly what it sounds like it is chocolate and
espresso combined so I’m using some frozen cauliflower along with banana for
a little bit of sweetness only a quarter of a banana espresso but you can also
use strong coffee cacao which is great because we’re not baking it here so we
really get all of those great antioxidants that are in raqqa cow then
I’m adding in some collagen which is optional you can also do a protein
powder protein helps keep you full so I would really suggest either adding in a
collagen or protein powder then I’m adding in a tablespoon of almond butter
which adds in some great healthy fats which help keep you full and then some
almond milk to the mixture and then once you blend it up you have this
wonderfully delicious smoothie it’s chocolate
it’s espresso perfect for breakfast because we have a little bit of caffeine
and we have chocolate I mean what more could you ask for in a breakfast and
caffeine and chocolate together it tastes super delicious but it’s not
too sweet then we are making a simple scramble
plate so I’m starting off by just combining two eggs now I get a lot of
questions about the colors of the yolks of my eggs and they’re that really dark
rich color because they’re past your raised eggs and the great thing about
pasture-raised eggs is they actually have more vitamins in it so more vitamin
A and more vitamin D and you can tell the quality of your eggs by how dark the
yolk is in a pan I’m just sauteing off some mushrooms mushrooms are great
because they’re loaded with B vitamins which helps to give you energy for the
day and they’re also rich in selenium and selenium is something that you need
in order to make glutathione in your body which is an antioxidant which
protects yourselves to that I’m adding in greens you guys know I love adding in
a handful of greens whenever I can this was a blend of spinach and arugula but
you can definitely just use spinach once that’s heated up I threw the eggs into
the pan and then I’m letting them set on the edge before I kind of fold this
together and depending on how cooked you like your eggs you can cook your eggs a
little bit more or a little bit less I just like them a little bit runny in the
center so they still aren’t over dumb and they’re not too dry once they’re
done go ahead and add them to your plate and this is definitely a very quick
breakfast that you can also throw in a container if you need to for on-the-go
for school or for work and then we are going to be making some peach instant
chia pudding now if you forgot to make chia pudding the night before I got you
because this is my simple hack to make it instantly you combine the coconut
milk which you guys know I use full fat coconut milk and chia seeds into a
blender and you blend that up and what it does is by breaking down those
cheeses a bit in the blender it really helps it to gel up a lot quicker so you
don’t need to wait overnight then I’m gonna go ahead and slice eight peach
peaches are in season right now they are a stone fruit and I really like eating
fruits that are in season and I really encourage you to as well and peaches are
loaded with vitamin A which is really good for your eyes you’re gonna you know
you want to see you want eyes that are nice and healthy for a long time and
they help to boost your immune system too let’s just lace that up and then as
you can see the chia pudding it gets nice and thick
really quickly and you can add on whatever kind of fruit you like it
doesn’t have to be peach I just want to show you a great way to make chia
pudding a lot quicker if you really want you pudding or you forgot to make it or
you want something quick that you can bring and you can definitely throw this
into a mason jar or into container if you need to go to school or to work and
then I’m just throwing on some almonds just because I like a little bit of
crunch you can definitely do a great green free canola here or any other kind
of nut or seed would work well too but this is honestly chia pudding is such a
good staple and it’s gonna keep you full for a long time okay guys I hope you
enjoyed this video if you did don’t forget to give it a good old thumbs up
and let me know what you had for breakfast down in the comments below
I had chia pudding which is definitely one of my staples love to your pudding
it’s such a classic and it’s freezer friendly so that’s why I love it I hope
you guys are all having a great day and I’ll see you in my next video bye guys