This video has 5 quick breakfast ideas . These recipes are healthy for kids , specially with those with a sweet tooth . First idea , Roasted makhana . Add 1 Tbsp butter to a pan , once the butter melts add one cup makhana . Makhanas are lotus seeds that you commonly get at supermarkets nowadays . they are rich in protein and iron . So indeed a healthy food for kids . Add salt midway , and pepper if you like it spicy . Once the colour changes you can transfer to a serving bowl . Second idea , Sweet Egg omlette . Add two eggs , one tsp palm sugar and a pinch of salt. Beat them thoroughly and then make omlette with one tsp ghee the usual way . Transfer to a plate . Third idea , Moong dhal salad . It is rich in potassium and iron . Add 1/2 cup boiled (4 whistles in cooker ) moong dhal to a bowl . Add 1/2 onion, 1/2 tomato , a pinch salt and palm sugar if you prefer having it sweeter . Mix it thoroughly.The salad is ready . Fourth idea , Add 1/2 cup boiled (4 whistles in cooker ) moong dhal to a bowl , 2 Tbsp grated coconut and one Tbsp palm sugar . sweet moong salad is ready . Fifth Idea , Add one cup poha (red one , since its healthier than the whiter one) . rinse it in water if its not cleant earlier . Add one cup boilt warm milk and soak it for a minute . To the soaked poha add 2 Tbsp grated coconut , one Tbsp palm sugar and a pinch of salt . Mix and its good to go . Instead of the usual routine stuffs like idly , dosa … you can try these too for a change which are healthy options too. easy to make in a minute too. 4 dishes are little sweeter and the roasted makhanas taste like popcorn . So its a great option for both adults and kids . Do try all these .