Hello Friend! Welcome to my channel As you all know school has started and all mommies are tense as what to give kids for lunch as kids need variety for lunch kids don’t finish their lunch as they don’t like is cold today video is about 5 quick and easy lunch box recipes lets start with the recipe boil water in a pan add salt and oil add macaroni once water start to boil by adding oil macaroni will not stick to each other sieve it wash it plain water add oil add onion and saute add peas and capsicum allow it to cook add tomato puree add salt add boiled macroni mix and add tomato ketchup Paneer pocket is made with little time for preparation mix it well this stuffing is liked by kids cut the corners of the bread roll the rolling pin over the bread apply green chutney and spread and put the paneer stuffing roll the bread over it stick the corners fry them in oil and fry them from both sides for mini idli is look very interesting and it can be relished when not hot curd helps in fermentation and oil add moisture to it add water and make paste grease the idli plate add water and boil add eno salt eno salt helps them to puff up let it steam for 7-10 min remove them fry them you can also fry them with veggies like cabbage, carrot and onion all kids love stuffed parantha and if we made this with cheese they will love it take a dough and make small circle add stuffing roll it a circle with the help of rolling pin and fry them on tava on both sides cheese paratha can be packed with chutney, sauce and pickles wash poha 1-2 times in water take them out let them crack toss the poha well mix it well add poha and mix it well add garam masala poha is ready