Every new year is an opportunity to make some
positive changes to our lives. In today’s video, I’m going to share a 31-day
challenge, it’s a daily challenge, where you can do small things each and every day for
a healthier and happier life. If you’re interested, keep watching. Hello hello! Welcome back to the Whole Happy Life. First and foremost, happy new year! I hope you guys had an amazing holiday season,
and you’re ready to start 2019 on the right note. When it comes to leading a healthier and happier
lifestyle, I truly believe it’s about making small, incremental changes that you enjoy
so you end up doing them long-term. That’s why I created this challenge – so there’s
31 different things – each and every one of these items will not take more than 15 minutes
on average, and hopefully by the end of of the month you’ll know what you like and what
you don’t like. And you can take all the things that you like
going forward and you can make them into your habit. If you decide to do the challenge, please
do let me know in the comments below. Let’s begin. Day 1 – write down 5 things you love about
yourself. I think it’s a great idea to start any challenge
on a positive, so write down 5 things that you love about yourself – they could be features,
accomplishments or traits that you have. Day 2 – consume less than 25 grams of added
sugar today. A lot of people eat more added sugar than
is recommended. What’s recommended? Well the World Health Organization recommends
sticking to below 25 grams per day. So on this day, try to stick to below 25 grams
of added sugar, read the labels if you need to. If you want more information on how to reduce
added sugar in your diet, I do have 2 videos on it. Day 3 – try a new workout on YouTube. One of my biggest challenges when it comes
to working out is variety. I tend to get bored. So on this day, try to find a channel that
you like and do a workout from it. If you want a list of channels that I like,
I will put them in the description. Day 4 – complete a light stretch before going
to bed. After a long day, especially if you are hunched
over on your desk, your muscles can be very tight. So take 5-10 minutes to do a quick stretch
before going to bed – hopefully you will sleep better because your muscles won’t feel as
tense. Day 5 – go to the library or bookstore and
pick up a new cookbook on healthy eating. Now when it comes to healthy eating, it’s
so easy to get into a rut. I am currently in a rut, so I am going to
try to find a new cookbook that will breathe some life into my cooking. Day 6 – try a new recipe from that cookbook. On this day, pick a recipe that is easy and
something that you’ve never made before. Something completely different, maybe you’ll
find a new style of cooking that you really enjoy. Day 7 – organize your workspace. For me, a clean and tidy workspace is so important
when it comes to productivity. So on this day, take about 10 to 15 minutes
to declutter your workspace. Day 8 – declutter your purse, backpack or
handbag. So take out the entire contents of your handbag
– go through everything, make sure you’re only keeping things that provide value, and
get rid of the rest. Day 9 – try a new herbal tea you’ve never
tried before. Taking a tea break is a great way to destress,
and it’s a good way to get some health benefits, as a lot of teas do have anti-oxidants. So find a tea that you’ve never tried before,
you might end up finding a new favourite. My personal favourite is Rooibos. Day 10 – complete a no-spend day. On this day, try not to spend any money, not
even on snacks or coffee. So if you generally do spend on those things,
take them from home, and also pack your lunch. Day 11 – call or meet a friend you haven’t
been in touch with in a while. Connecting with people we care about is an
important part of leading a happier lifestyle. So if there’s a friend you haven’t been in
touch with in a while, contact them today, spend some time with them today. Day 12 – set up the dinner table nicely and
eat mindfully. Now eating mindfully and eating in a relaxed
way is so important for digestive health. So on this day, make it a point not to eat
in front of the TV, and not to eat while scrolling through your phone. Just eat mindfully and enjoy your meal. Day 13 – make a list of activities you like
to do for fun, and pick one of those activities and do it. Day 14 – try a new spice in your cooking. So spices actually do have quite a few health
benefits. They’re not just for flavour – they have a
lot of anti-oxidants and in some cases they are mineral-rich. So try a new spice that you haven’t tried
before, maybe something that’s sitting in your pantry and maybe you’ll find that you
really enjoy it. Look for easy recipes on Pinterest in case
you don’t know how to use it. Day 15 – make a list of people who really
inspire you and write down a few reasons why. Now after you’ve made this list, put it somewhere
where you’re going to see it every day. So that way you feel a little bit inspired
every single day. Day 16 – declutter your junk drawer. Now if you don’t have a junk drawer, declutter
the drawer that you use most often, and get rid of anything that doesn’t provide you value. Day 17 – write down your favourite, easy meal
combos. Now after you’ve written down about 5 each
meal combos – put that list somewhere in your kitchen, preferably inside a cabinet, so you
can look at that list whenever you’re a little bit stuck and you don’t know what to make
for dinner. Day 18 – complete a random act of kindness. Choose anyone, it could be a friend, family
member or a complete stranger – bonus points if you choose a complete stranger. Day 19 – toss out expired make-up. Now once make-up is open, it can harbour nasty
bacteria, and it is a good idea to use it by its expiration date. You can check out more information in the
description to figure out how long make-up lasts once its open. Day 20 – do a digital detox day. In today’s hyper-connected world, we’re constantly
connected and it can be a little bit stressful. So take a day off – no phones, no laptops,
no desktops, no TV. Focus on things like self-care, spending time
with family. Day 21 – try eating no meat today. You don’t have to change your diet completely
if you don’t want to, but we can all benefit from eating more plants, such as fruits and
veggies. So on this day, try to stick to no meat. Day 22 – try meditation for 5 to 10 minutes,
or deep breathing. So meditation has been shown to reduce stress
levels and anxiety levels as well. So if you haven’t tried it, I do suggest trying
it out. Day 23 – declutter your phone. Decluttering my phone and changing the wallpaper
helps me feel a lot more productive. So on this day, take some time to declutter
your phone – get rid of any apps that you don’t use. If you want more information on how I declutter
my phone, I do have a video on it. Day 24 – try a healthy dessert. Now healthy desserts don’t have to be complicated,
they don’t need to taste bad, there are definitely a lot of great recipes out there. So spend some time on Pinterest and find a
quick and easy recipe, and try it out. And if you really like it, note it down so
you can make it again. Day 25 – write down 3 books you want to read
this year. Reading is something that can really expand
our horizons. So on this day, pick 3 books that you would
not normally pick, preferably genres you have never read before, and maybe you’ll find something
that you enjoy. Day 26 – go for a long walk in nature. Try this one weather-permitting of course. If the weather is not great, skip this and
do something else that you enjoy on this day. Day 27 – clean your pillow. So now I’m not talking about pillow-cases,
I’m talking about the actual pillow. Pillows can get very dirty, they tend to harbour
a lot of skin cells and over time, they do need to be cleaned. Experts recommend cleaning them several times
a year. To find out how they should be cleaned, I
have more information below. Day 28 – find 5 things in your home that you
don’t use. Once you’ve found those items, put them aside
and make sure you donate them by the end of the month. Day 29 – try a green smoothie. If you’ve never tried a green smoothie, make
today the day you try one. If you’ve been having green smoothies for
a while, try a new recipe that you’ve never had before. Day 30 – write down what you are most grateful
for in life. Gratitude is really important when it comes
to leading a happier lifestyle. Take some time today to write down 5 to 10
things that you’re really grateful for. Day 31 – find a quote that really motivates
you. So this day is the last day of the challenge,
so it’s important to end it on the right note. Something that will help you stay motivated
for the days beyond the challenge. So find something that you really like, a
quote that you really love, paste it up on your wall, print it out, or write it down,
and hopefully that will keep you motivated for the rest of the year. I hope you enjoyed this challenge – if you
decide to do it, let me know in the comments below. I will definitely be doing it, as this is
something fun to do. I will see you in the next video. Bye!