hey everyone and welcome back into my
channel I’m back today with another healthy breakfast video this one is very
fall inspired because they’re all around pumpkin so if you haven’t yet make sure
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so the first thing I’m making is there’s a pumpkin parfait I’m starting off by
making my classic chia pudding recipe you guys know I use canned coconut milk
a little bit of vanilla whisk that together and then we’re going to be
adding in a little bit of almond milk or nut milk any kind will work just to thin
it out a little bit because otherwise the chia pudding will get too thick then
I’m adding in the star of the show which are chia seeds they’re great because
they add fiber they actually five times more calcium than milk more potassium
than a banana and they really help to fill you up and this is my classic chia
pudding recipe and I promise guys using canned coconut milk is the key to the
most amazing chia pudding of your life I’m adding in a tablespoon of flaxseed
again just to boost fiber fiber is what keeps us full it’s what keeps our blood
sugar stable and it helps weight loss or weight like maintenance then I’m using
some pumpkin and I get the pureed pumpkin you want to make sure that your
pumpkin is a hundred percent pumpkin there’s nothing else in it and then I’m
just filling that up and you’re gonna need one cup of this so I’ll put that
into a bowl and then we’re gonna be adding in just a little bit of flavors
and seasonings to make this extra fall so I’m adding in a little bit of vanilla
and then a little bit of pumpkin spice I like getting pumpkin spice as opposed to
all the different spices because it’s just easier and then I touch a maple
syrup so about a tablespoon a little less than tablespoon maple syrup and
then I just stir that all together and I’m gonna leave the full recipe for
everything down in the description box you guys can head on over there and
check out the full recipes you don’t break them down as we go and then I’m
just taking a little bit and putting it into the bottom of our jar so we can
build these up and what I like about this is I made these and then I had them
for the week so with a pumpkin it makes two mason jars and then I had just over
two servings of the chia pudding and I really like the stacking of this because
you get a little bit of the chia pudding and a little bit of the pumpkin but
they’re Knox mix together so I kind of like having them supper
and layered like that next up we’re making pumpkin pancakes and guys I think
this is my favorite pumpkin pancake recipe I’ve ever made I made a few
tweaks and this one is it the perfect texture so I’m using some almond flour
rich in vitamin E rich in protein as well as some tapioca flour which is a
great thing to add to like any kind of Paleo baking because the consistency is
really good pumpkin spice full of warming spices
warming spices are always good to consume when it’s cold out along with
some baking powder which is just gonna help them rise and kind of on the pan
one egg I haven’t tried this with a flax egg but if you do and you like it let me
know and then I’m adding in some nut milk you can do cashew almond you could
even do coconut if that’s what you have a little bit of maple syrup again just
for a touch of sweetness and then a tablespoon of coconut oil and then
you’re just going to mix that together and I’m using a 1/3 cup on a medium
skillet and I’m cooking that until the edges are formed and then I flip it for
another 30 seconds my new favorite thing is to drizzle pancakes with coconut
butter I’ve been obsessed with coconut butter because it feels so decadent it
basically feels like icing and you just a little on top and it’s just amazing
and it doesn’t taste too much like coconut I don’t know I’m not a huge
coconut fan but look at how butter is delicious a little sprinkle of some
slivered almonds but you can put whatever you like on these pancakes but
they’re super delicious they’re easy to make and they’re freezer friendly as
well which is really cool and lastly I’m showing you guys my recipe for a
bulletproof pumpkin spice latte so I’m starting off with a tablespoon of
pumpkin you guys know I love my bulletproof coffee I have it every
morning so this is kind of like a fun spin I’m using the four stick Matic
coffee I like this is there’s a little bit less caffeine than normal so it’s
only 50 milligrams compared to over a hundred in your normal cup of coffee and
you get the benefits of the collides move just go to your brain Chicago which
is good antioxidant for energy it’s a little touch of vanilla about 1/4
teaspoon the vanilla really makes this guy’s and then some MCT oil I love this
it really just helps my brainpower in the morning and this latte will get me
to about 10:30 11 o’clock in the morning more pumpkin spice and then I’m going to
add in just a little bit of hot water so we make the coffee portion before we add
in the milk so I’m just blending that up so that the coffee and the pumpkin and
everything kind of mixed together and then I
for some on my milk and I’m putting that on the top so you can heat your almond
milk however you like and just the sauce spinner and the microwave or if you have
a froth or like I do I would do that because then it gets nice and foamy so I
put that on the top a little sprinkle of pumpkin spice for festive and for a
little bit of extra flavor and there you go you have your bulletproof pumpkin
spice latte it’s delicious it keeps you full it’s best if but it’s not like to
pumpkiny and I love it so I hope you guys enjoyed these pumpkin breakfast
recipes let medo down below what kind of videos you’d like to see next
I hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in my next video
bye guys