today we are making some delicious
healthy lunches that are great for school for work or even if you’re just
at home they’re all super filling delicious and of course nutritious if
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let’s get into the healthy lunches so the first lunch we’re making is this
chicken salad I’m starting off with a base of greens I really like to choose
dark leafy greens because they’re rich in vitamins minerals and iron I’m adding
in some chicken this is a great way to just use some leftover protein and you
can use whichever protein you have on hand or whichever one you like the best
and then I’m slicing up an heirloom tomato that I got at the farmers market
I don’t know about you guys but I really find that produce from the farmers
market just tastes a lot better than the stuff
you get at the grocery store plus it’s really great to support local so I love
doing that and the more different colors you can incorporate into your diet the
better so you know the red from the tomato has a bunch of different
antioxidants and vitamins and minerals that are different from different color
vegetables I love adding in a little bit of peach peach are in season right now
all stone fruits in general are in season so it’s really great to eat
seasonally and seasonally things tend to be more affordable too so I’m slicing
that up into chunks to go along with the tomato and then of course for some
healthy fats I am going to add in some avocado
I found a picado automatically makes most meals but especially salads a lot
better it’s just so creamy it’s full fiber too a lot of people don’t know
that avocado is full of fiber fiber helps
keep you full it helps keep your blood sugar steady it
feeds your good gut bacteria so we’ve got lots of that in here so I’m loading
everything into my glass container I’ve been really trying to use glass
containers I supposed to plastic because plastic does leach BPA so even though
glass containers are a bit heavier if you can make the switch I would really
suggest it if you’re bringing your lunch to school or to work so this is the
first one it is so delicious and nutritious lots of color
it’s fulling satisfying and has lots of fiber
next up we’re making a burger bowl which is basically a deconstructed burger so
I’m just taking a turkey burger this is definitely something that you can do the
night before or make some for dinner and have leftovers to take for lunch the
next day I’m also adding in some mushrooms on the side which have a great
meaty texture and also mushrooms which are a fungi are super great for you
chopping up some red onion and the other half of the tomato from the first lunch
basically whatever you would put on your burger you can add into this bowl so I’m
starting with a base of butter lettuce and with the lettuce you could also make
a lettuce wrap bun but this is a little bit less messy if you’re bringing it to
school or work versus if you are holding with your hands it might get a little
messy so totally your call but I love butter lettuce it just works really well
and then you have your burger like I said you can definitely use a leftover
one as well adding in the mushrooms and then feel free to add in all the other
burger toppings that you normally like so I’m just doing the red onion and the
tomato plus it’s a great way to use up the other half of the tomato from the
first lunch so this is definitely ways that you can use different ingredients
all week long I’ve fallen in love with this primal kitchen garlic aioli it’s
not made with canola oil or soy or any of the harmful oils and it’s super
delicious on top of sandwiches and burgers and this is basically just a
very delicious deconstructed burger bowl and then we’re to making a simple macro
Bowl I want to show you guys that it’s you don’t need to stress about your
lunch you can just do really simple things I like having some medium to hard
boiled eggs on hand and then we’re gonna choose a vegetable so I’m just choosing
broccoli I really like broccoli cuz it has something called a 3c
or indole-3 carbinol which is really great for hormones and also estrogen
clearance so sometimes we have too much estrogen we can have breakouts and you
know especially along the jawline so I just really like it plus broccoli just
tastes delicious so I’m roasting that off but feel free
to choose your favorite vegetable to roast you don’t have to do broccoli just
because I am but just find a vegetable that you
and with so many vegetables out there there’s definitely gonna be one that you
love I keep it simple a little bit of avocado oil and the seasoning salt from
simply organic toss that and throw it into the oven and again you can
definitely prep this in advance and do a whole big sheet pan of it if you want to
make multiple lunches I also really like having sweet potatoes on hand and this
week I chose to get some purple sweet potatoes because as I said previously
the more different colors you can get into your diet the better so this purple
one is full of anthocyanins which are really great antioxidants for you
you can’t find purple don’t worry the normal orange sweet potato is great for
you too full of beta carotene which converts to vitamin A in your body
really great for your immune system and your eyes I like to add in a little bit
of ghee and a pinch of Himalayan salt and kind of stir that together it makes
it really delicious and like I said it’s super simple to just have sweet potatoes
cooked on hand then I’m building it with some greens just as a base and to add
more like fiber and make it more filling add in your vegetables in my case the
broccoli and then I’m adding in the egg so I like to keep a few eggs on hand in
the fridge that I can grab for snacks or make quick meals like this when I boil
it I boil it for seven minutes to kind of get like this really dark jammy egg
but if you like it more hard-boiled to feel free to just cook it a little bit
longer but I like this because it kind of goes in with all the veggies super
easy and delicious like I said you just have your complex carb with the sweet
potato your egg has got lots of protein there are a complete protein which is
great they’re more affordable too and then you have your vegetable alright
guys I hope you enjoyed this video I’m going to leave my healthy lunches
playlist right here tons more ideas all delicious and good
for you and they taste good too so make sure to check out this playlist for lots
more ideas and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys