Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. In this segment I
would like to talk about healthy school lunch ideas. Talking of school kids there is a variant
in age which ranges right from probably 5 to almost to 15. So, in the growing years,
there is a lot of demand for calcium, in the puberty years, there is a lot of demand for
iron. So, if we were to take a cross section of the students, I would recommend that there
a lot of things we can enhance in the diet through school lunch by fortifying them. For
example, if I were to tell a child to have spinach, they are not really fond of spinach,
but the same thing if I were to make into a spinach puree and mix it into flour and
probably make a dough out of it and make a roti or a bread out of it, children love it.
If you cut it with biscuit cutter and just make it more appealing to look at., children
love it. So these are options that we do and in fact when we work with schools today, we
have also seen that we have introduced lot of salads and soups into the menus that are
being served at school lunch today and children look forward to it, because it is a little
change from their routine regimen of having the balanced diet as in rice, roti’s and breads
and salads and soups and you know. Even the options of soups are being introduced into
school lunches today because as we all know soup acts as a filler, so when you are taking
a nutrition, all the vegetables which, ideally you see a lot of children today not wanting
to eat vegetables per se unless its in a burger, or its in a Chinese or a, even today options
like kenova, buck wheat are being introduced in schools where we add in some vegetables
like carrots or beans, so you know lot of other kind of vegetables like capsicum, bell
peppers things like that, which not only enhances the iron and protein content of the particular
food we add in sprouts, so it gives them a more wholesome and a more meaningful meal.
Ideally when we talk of calorie intake, calorie count would be ranging anything from a 1000
calorie to almost 18 to 1900 calories in school children. Per meal, per day, if we were to
divide this thing would be looking at 350 to 400, maybe 300-400 calories per main course
and for breakfast options if you look at about 300 calories, that should be fine.