hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel and welcome it to a new delicious video because today we are
making edible cookie dough that’s paleo vegan and delicious so for the base I’m
starting off with almond flour which is great because it’s full of healthy fats
so it’s going to keep you full and it’s great for your metabolism too so I maple
syrup for a little bit of sweetness as well as some vanilla for flavor then I’m
adding in some almond butter Bridge really helps the texture of this as well
as some coconut oil both are great healthy fats and the
great thing about that is that they help to reduce those cravings and they make
you feel satisfied so you don’t need as much so this is the base to the recipes
that we’re going to make and you can definitely customize it any way you want
but it comes together super easily and because we’re not adding an egg or
anything like that it’s okay to eat raw so the first one we’re making is the
classic Chocolate Chunk it’s super easy I added in a tablespoon of chocolate
chunks and I’m folding that into the batter I’m like that’s it it’s super
easy but it’s such a classic that I wanted to include it because it’s super
easy to make and delicious one we’re making is double chocolate kind of like
a double chocolate cookie all you have to do is take the chocolate chunk one
and add a tablespoon of cacao and then mix it in
so the cacao takes a little bit to mix in but the great thing is that because
we’re not cooking this we get all those benefits from the raw cacao so we get
the antioxidants we get the calming we get everything from the raw cacao that’s
why I like using raw cacao especially in recipes where I’m not baking it but it’s
super delicious and easy to make and it’s super chocolaty too and the last
one we’re making is snickerdoodle so I’m taking the base I’m adding in a half a
teaspoon of a coconut sugar as well as a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and then
mixing that into it and there you go it’s super simple that’s why I like
these I would roll these into like little cookie dough balls too and then
keep them in the freezer for wherever you want a nice treat
and there you have your snickerdoodle cookie dough it’s such a classic recipe
too it’s simple and delicious so I hope you guys enjoyed these edible cookie
dough’s I love that they’re plant-based but also paleo and everyone can eat them
I hope you guys are all having a great day and I’ll see you in my next video
bye guys