hey everyone welcome back it to my
channel today is super exciting because I’ve rounded up three of my favorite
healthy cookie recipes these are all delicious and they’re mainly the
classics so we have a double chocolate a chocolate chip and a snickerdoodle
they’re all so good I love them you’re gonna love them too they’re gluten free
dairy free refined sugar free paleo and all that jazz but they taste so so good
so let’s just go ahead and get right into it
so the first cookie we are making is double chocolate I’m using some
sugar-free dairy-free chocolate chips along with some coconut oil and I’m
melting that over a double boiler or you can also melt it in the microwave once
that’s all melted go ahead and add some vanilla as well as some either monk
fruit or coconut sugar either will work and stir that until the sugar is nice
and dissolved in it to our chocolate mixture then I’m adding in a some more
cacao to really enhance that chocolate flavor so I’m almond flour and an egg
you can also use a flax egg in this recipe though I do prefer using an
actual egg once everything’s in all you have to do is stir that together so it’s
really easy kind of like a One Bowl double chocolate cookie recipe now with
this dough you are going to want to chill it too so I would chill it for
about half an hour at least until it solidifies a little bit or you can chill
it overnight I’m also gonna be adding in some baking powder and I do this last
because you don’t want to over mix things once you’ve added the baking
powder because baking powder is basically acts like a leavening
ingredient and what makes cookies at cookies so you don’t want to mix it too
much once you’ve chilled the dough I’m just
using a cookie scoop to make even balls forming them with my hands a little bit
and then pressing it down onto my cookie sheet I have been loving using silicone
mats probably for over a year now this is a lot easier than having to
spray it and you just clean the mat and it’s reusable and then I put some
chocolate chips on bake it at 350 and you have this wonderfully double
chocolate chip cookie I also added a little bit of salt because I like
and sweet next up are making the classic chocolate chip cookie so I’m using cast
of a fire which is from the tapioca root super good for digestion again adding in
our baking powder and our monk fruit and just mixing that together so that all
our dry ingredients are kind of combined and then I am adding in the wet so I’m
adding in some coconut oil as well as some vanilla for a flavor and a little
bit of molasses molasses is like my little secret ingredient to making the
best chocolate chip cookies you don’t need a lot of it make sure you use
blackstrap not like the one you find the baking section you’re gonna need to go
to the health section and look for a black strap because black strap is the
one with all the health benefits you just need a little bit and I swear it
really makes with these delicious so then fold in the coconut oil and
everything together add in your chocolate chips and fold those in and
then we are going to be making our shapes so you can chill this dough as
well you don’t happen chile’s dough where’s the other one you’re gonna have
to show make that into cookie shapes bake them everything will be listed down
below for baking instructions and they’re soft pillowy delicious cookies I
may or may not have one after I film this video and then we are making a
snickerdoodle which is a great classic if you’re not a big chocolate fan so I
really wanted to include one for people who don’t like or can’t have chocolate
so we’re starting with cassava coconut oil and cinnamon which really gives a
nice flavor and cinnamon is great for blood sugar we’re also adding in some
vanilla and a little bit of maple syrup for sweetness then all you have to do is
mix your dough together until you get like a nice firm cookie dough so this
one is really easy all these cookies freeze really well I got a lot of
questions about whether I actually eat everything
i’il the dessert so I make the my trick is that I keep them in the freezer so
they keep for a long time and then you can pop a cookie out when you want one
you can either freeze the dough or you can freeze them after you bake them and
then either like a lift them out for about 15 minutes so that they’re no
longer frozen or I heat them up slightly in the oven so go ahead and make your
cookie shapes of your snickerdoodle cookies bake them and you have
wonderfully delicious soft cookies I’m definitely a saw
cookie type of person because I just think they’re so good okay guys thanks
for watching I hope you enjoyed comment down below your favorite cookie if your
all-time it’s not to be healthy I’m your all-time favorite cookie I
really think mine is just the classic chocolate chip I mean you can’t go wrong
with chocolate chip cookie am i right guys um so yeah that’s my favorite let
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will see you in my next video bye guys