(upbeat energetic music) – Hello, my friends! Welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa, and today I have got three delicious and creative and healthy and gluten free and vegan dinner recipes for you. I don’t know about you, but I definitely struggle
with dinner sometimes. I work all day long and even though I’m working for myself
and working at home, sometimes I just feel super uncreative when it comes to dinner. So I’m hopeful that these recipes give you a little bit of inspiration, get you out of your dinner rut, and give you some great, healthy, and delicious ideas to
add to your dinner table. So we are making three
delicious quinoa recipes, so all of these are
really high in protein, high in fiber, and just,
like I said, so healthy. And we are making a quinoa
stuffed sweet potato, we are also making a creamy
mushroom quinoa risotto, and then I’m also gonna show you how to make a nourishing quinoa bowl, which has some roasted vegetables, some steamed vegetables, and it’s so simple and
really customizable. So if you want any of these recipes, I have linked them all in the description box below for you. They are all already on my blog so you can get all of the instructions, ingredient lists, et cetera, on my blog. So make sure to check
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and it will subscribe you. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive
into today’s recipes. For our sweet potatoes,
we’re going to start by pricking them all around
the sides with forks, and then we’re gonna place
them on a baking sheet and roast them at 375
degrees for about 30 minutes, until they’re nice and soft. Meanwhile, we’re going
to make the filling, so we’re going to start
by slicing up a red onion, you could also use a shallot, and then we’re going to saute this with some olive oil
and some cooked quinoa, as well as some freshly grated garlic, you could also mince it, and we’re just going to saute this until it all is nice and brown and fragrant. From there, we’ll add in our chopped kale, as well as our chopped hazelnuts, and again, just stir this together until the hazelnuts and the
kale are nice and cooked. The hazelnuts should
be a little bit toasty and the kale will be nice and wilted. From there, add in your lemon juice and then stir this all together. Season it with some salt
and with some pepper, and then I recommend you taste it and adjust your seasonings if necessary, but that’s pretty much
all we’re going to do for our filling. So then for our potatoes, once they are nice and
cooked all the way through, you are just going to
place them onto your plates and you can slice them down the middle and then just kind of open them up so that you can have a nice little cavity to add your filling in. I like to make sure that my sweet potatoes are fully stuffed so it depends on the size of the sweet
potatoes that you did, but just fill it up as much as you’d like. And then, for the topping, I just did a little bit of Tahini,
salt, and water together, so this is basically
just a thinned out Tahini with a tiny bit of salt, but you could use any
of my Tahini dressings. This is a very kind of mild filling so it goes well with pretty much any Tahini dressing that you’d like. And from there, you’re ready to dig in. This should be really soft, really kind of sweet
with some nice crunch, and the kale adds a really
nice earthiness to it and you guys are going to love this. It also keeps well in the fridge so it makes for a great meal prep and you can just reheat
it in the microwave when you’re ready to go. Next is our risotto. We are going to start with
some dried porcini mushrooms and you’re gonna top those
with two cups of boiling water, and you’ll just let these
steep for about 20 minutes so that the flavor can get
nice and infused in that water and the mushrooms will get nice and soft. From there, just remove as much of the mushrooms as you can. You don’t wanna just strain this because there might be
some dirt in the bottom that’s collected so just kind
of scoop out the mushrooms. They should float to the surface. And then from there, we are going to use this broth to cook our quinoa. So we will start by
adding one cup of quinoa into our saucepan and then use a strainer and pour the mushroom
liquid over the quinoa, and then you’re just gonna cook this like you normally would quinoa. You’re gonna bring it to a boil, simmer it for about 15 minutes, until it’s nice and fluffy and that liquid has been absorbed. While the quinoa’s cooking, we’re gonna start on our mushrooms so we’ll add some olive oil into the pan, along with a shallot and some garlic, and just saute this up until
it’s nice and fragrant. From there, you can add
in your chopped mushrooms. I like to do a blend of mushrooms, but you could honestly
do any type of mushrooms that you want here. It’s just to get that
nice mushroom flavor, and you’re just gonna saute
these all the way through until they are nice and soft, and they should have a little bit of liquid collected when they are ready. Once your mushrooms are fully cooked, you can add about a
teaspoon of miso paste. I really like the umami
flavor that this brings so I recommend that you
use miso paste here, as well as some cracks of fresh pepper. And then, again, just saute this together until the miso has been absorbed and it’s kind of broken down. Then we’ll add in our cooked quinoa, and we’re gonna stir this all together and let it cook a little bit. You want the quinoa to be warm because that will make
it a little bit stickier and more of a risotto consistency. Then you can add in the
chopped porcini mushrooms that you reserved from the cooking liquid, as well as your spinach, and then basically we’re just going to saute this altogether until the spinach is nice and wilted. I like to use some broth
to help the cooking along because it can get a little bit dry, so just add broth and cook away until you have reached the
consistency that you want. And to finish off the flavor, I like to garnish with
just a touch more salt, some nutritional yeast, which gives this a nice cheesy flavor, and then I love adding
in red pepper flakes. Of course, that’s totally optional. If you don’t like heat
you can skip that flavor. And just saute this altogether until it’s combined and nice and creamy. From there, we’re ready to plate it up. I just serve this like I have here. I actually like to reserve some of the sauteed mushrooms to garnish on top, but that’s totally optional. You definitely don’t have to do that. And I also like to garnish
with some fresh chives because I think it looks so, so pretty. Then you can just dig in, and this is honestly such a yummy meal. It, again, reheats really well and makes great meal prep, and you guys are gonna love it. (gentle upbeat music) For our Nourish bowls,
we have a few steps. So we’re going to start
with our roasted veg, we’re going to use some butternut squash, as well as some chopped beets, and then you’ll drizzle
them both with olive oil, and I season them all
with salt and pepper, but then I like to do my
beets in some garlic powder and I do my squash in smoked paprika. I just like the dual flavors there. And you’re just going
to stir this altogether until it’s all coated, and we’ll bake this at 425
degrees for about 35 minutes. While the veg is roasting, we’re going to steam our other veggies. So we are adding some broccoli florets into our steamer basket, as well as some chopped kale, and I top it with some water. This happened to just be boiling water, but it could be regular water, and then just put this on the stove and cook it for five to ten minutes until everything is steamed. To garnish the steamed veg, I like to just drizzle it with lemon. I find that that has enough flavor. For our chickpeas, we’re
keeping it nice and simple. It’s just chickpeas mixed with a little bit of salt and smoked paprika. Stir it all together. I used canned chickpeas here, so it’s super simple and it’s a great way to amp up the protein. And then for our sauce, we
are doing a Tahini dressing. You guys know I love my Tahini, so it’s about a tablespoon of Tahini, as well as some garlic powder, some apple cider vinegar, some miso paste, you could also use
tamari, some lemon juice, and just stir this together. It will become pretty thick because the Tahini and acid tend
to thicken up together, so you’re gonna thin
it out with some water. And this is my trick for
all of my Tahini dressing, so I always thin my Tahini
dressings with water and I basically just add enough water until it gets to this consistency. You want it to be runny and pourable. To assemble our bowls, we’ll start with the kale on the bottom. I just like starting with
green so that I make sure I get a ton of greens in the bottom there. And then the quinoa, which is just traditionally cooked quinoa. You could use any type of
grain here that you want. We’re also doing some of our
roasted butternut squash, our roasted beets, some steamed broccoli, finishing it off with our chickpeas. And, of course, the finishing touch is our Tahini dressing. This is a really nourishing bowl, I just had it for dinner last night. I felt full, I felt satisfied, I loved every single bite. It’s such a great flavor combination, tons of texture, lots of
protein, lots of fiber, and, again, it makes a
really awesome meal prep meal and you can also serve it warm or cold. If you guys are new to
Nourish bowls or Buddha bowls, these are really customizable so make sure to check out the recipe because I’ve given some ideas in that post. And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed today’s
creative quinoa dishes and I can’t wait to see some
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