– Move over store-bought
lunches with mile-long ingredient lists, because
today’s Bento boxes have you beat on taste, freshness,
and quality of ingredients. And they’re super easy and quick to make. (upbeat music) You guys know how much
I love packing lunches. I mean, I did start
MOMables because I wanted to help other parents be
just as excited about packing fresh ingredients inside their
kids’ lunchboxes as I was. And today, years later, I’m still excited to make a variety of foods for my kids. But now that I have three kids
and work full time, saving myself time by prepping our
meals ahead of time is the only way I can make sure we eat
fresh foods all week long. And those meals include school
and office lunches of course. To help me meal prep, one
of the products that I’ve been using is NatureSeal
for fresh-cut produce, a simple blend of vitamins and minerals that help prevent fruits,
like apples and pears, and veggies, like celery
and carrots, from browning. Also our partners for today’s video. Our lunches today are
going to include a variety of fruits and veggies,
and I don’t want them to be brown when the kids eat them. So let’s prepare the produce
solution by mixing one packet of NatureSeal with cold water
and transfer it into a bowl, so I can dip my apples and veggies. As you know, apples brown pretty quickly, and the carrots and
celery get brown and dry around the edges in just a matter of days. So by dipping them in a
NatureSeal natural solution, they can stay fresh and
bright up to 14 days. All you have to do is make
sure all the surface areas of your apple slices or
veggies are completely immersed in the water to ensure complete
protection from browning. Leave them for one to five minutes, drain, and transfer them into a zip
bag or storage container, and put them in the refrigerator. Let’s repeat the process with my remaining apple slices and celery, and we’ll be back to make the Bentos when these are ready. (upbeat music) Let’s begin to build the first Bento box, what I call the ABC Bento Lunch, by assembling our apple
slices, a boiled egg, our celery, carrots, some
cheese, and crackers. So notice how I’m gonna
place the crackers in their own compartment inside of the lunchbox to prevent them from getting soggy. And this Bento is done. Our second Bento lunch is what
I call the Original MOMable. It’s one I began to pack
for my daughter years ago for school whenever she
asked for the store-bought lunches in the brightly colored box. My idea was that real food can be just as colorful and a lot more nutritious. So in this one, I’m going to assemble some turkey slices, a boiled egg, cheese, and some crackers in a
separate compartment. Isn’t this so easy to make? Why on earth buy them pre-made? You can make them ahead
of time for the week with fresh ingredients you select. And our last Bento box today is what I call the Rainbow Bento Box. It takes our kids’ favorite sandwich, the peanut butter and
jelly, and it surrounds it with colorful and nutritious foods. Now that I have the peanut
butter and jelly on the side, I’m gonna add green apples, carrots, blueberries, and a couple of strawberries. And just like that, a plain
peanut butter and jelly got a lot more fun and nutritious to eat. What do you think? Super easy, right? For more fun and fresh lunch ideas, make sure to check out the
playlist right below this video. I’m also including links for
the NatureSeal products and directions to help you protect
your produce from browning. If you loved this video, make sure you subscribe to this channel. A new recipe comes out every single week. See you next time.