– A lot of you guys have been writing in asking for inspired lunch ideas, so today I’m so excited to share with you three of my very favorite quinoa recipes. What I love about these recipes is that they’re perfect to pack for lunch, and you can eat the hot or cold, and they’re delicious both ways. Today, I’m gonna show you my Chinese fried quinoa, my tangy Thai quinoa, and my cheesy broccoli quinoa. All three of these are protein packed, they’re super delicious, and they’re all vegetarian. The best part about them is that if you wanted to
add meat for extra protein, you totally could. You could easily add some
shredded chicken or steak, or even a little bit of canned tuna. So let’s start by talking
about how to cook our quinoa. Now, it used to be that you
would rinse your quinoa first, most quinoa now comes already rinsed so you don’t have to sweat it. In my quinoa, I like
to use vegetable stock. You can also use chicken
stock, beef stock, mushroom stock, or just plain water, all will do, but I find that the stock just gives the quinoa an
additional level of flavor. A ratio of two to one is ideal. So basically, you want two parts liquid to one part quinoa. You’re gonna bring it to a boil, and then reduce the heat to minimum, put the lid on, and leave it for 15 minutes, just let that bad boy simmer. After 15 minutes, turn off your heat and let it sit for another five minutes, while it continues to absorb all that delicious liquid. Now it’s time for our
Chinese fried quinoa. Now, I’ve already cooked off my quinoa. I have two or three cups standing by, and then, in my frying pan, I’m going to add some sesame oil. You can also use canola oil
or vegetable oil in this dish, but you don’t want to use
something with a low smoke point like olive oil, that
will burn way too quickly as our pan heats up. So, we’ve got our sesame oil heating up. You can smell it’s a
bit nutty and delicious. To that we’re gonna
add a small white onion and some garlic. We’re gonna stir this up
until it gets translucent. Once it’s reached that point, we are going to add some carrots, and some frozen peas. We’re gonna let those fry up for about two or three minutes until they just start to soften up a bit. Then, we’re gonna move
all of this delicious veg over to the side and we’re gonna fry, in the same pan, two eggs. The moment they hit this pan they’re gonna start to scramble so be prepared to be on it. And, we’re just gonna
(mumbling) them a lot, we don’t want them to burn, and it’s that easy. Now, if you don’t to add the eggs, if you want to make this dish vegan, that’s no problem, super simple, just leave the eggs out, but I find it’s nice additional protein. I’m just gonna cut it into little bits, and then I’m gonna mix it all together. Then we’re going to toss
in our cooked quinoa, give it a good mix, then pour in a splash of soy sauce, a little bit of hot sauce,
if you like the heat, and then finish it with some green onions. You don’t want to put them in before because you don’t want to cook them, you want the to stay fresh, and boom. You have Chinese friend quinoa that is absolutely delicious both hot and cold, perfect for lunch. Now, let’s talk about
our tangy Thai quinoa. I absolutely love this dish because it’s got a lot of crunch and a lot of flavor. I have two or three cups of quinoa already cooked standing by. To my quinoa, I’m gonna add
some shredded red cabbage, some shredded carrot, and some red pepper. This is all gonna add
a whole lot of crunch. Then I’m gonna add a couple edamame beans, which are super delicious
and a great protein source, and then set it aside
while we make our dressing. So we have about a teaspoon
of peanut butter standing by, we’re gonna add a little
honey for sweetness, the juice of half a lime for some nice sour, some soy sauce, don’t be shy, and then, some red chili flakes for heat. Finish it with one clove of garlic and some freshly grated ginger. Give it a good stir. If you’re feeling like it’s too thick, you could add a little more soy sauce, or just add a drizzle of oil to it, and then pour it all over your beautiful, tangy Thai quinoa. This stuff is absolutely unbelievable, and the best part is, it’s great on its own, or you could add some fried shrimp, or a little bit of chicken. It’s really, really versatile. For our cheesy broccoli quinoa, we are starting with two
cups of vegetable stock and one cup of quinoa. We’re gonna pour that into a sauce pan and let it come to a boil. Once this guy’s boiling, we’re gonna turn our heat down to low, put the lid on, and let it simmer for ten minutes. I am starting with one
gorgeous head of broccoli. Just gonna cut off the stalk. Don’t throw the stalk away. This is absolutely amazing in soup stocks, and also great for things like coleslaw, you could actually just shred it up and put it right in. It’s delicious. At the ten minute mark, we’re gonna toss in our broccoli, put the lid back on, and let our broccoli steam for that last five minutes of cooking. Once those five minutes are up, we’re gonna turn off our heat, then we’re gonna add
a good helping of salt and a little bit of pepper. We’re also going to add some paprika. Then, we are gonna stir in one cup of sharp white cheddar, and we’re gonna put the lid back on, let it sit for five minutes, and boom, you have this delicious cheesy broccoli quinoa that is to die for. If you’re not into quinoa, you can make this very same recipe, but just use rice instead. I hope you’ll give these
three lunch ideas a try and let me know how it goes. Tweet me or Instagram me a photo of your own creations. I’d love to see what you’re
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