Today We Are Going To Make 200 Devil Eggs Put the 100 eggs in the vessels Now we are chopping the onion Eggs Boiled Peeling the eggs Prepare masala for Devil Eggs Add oil Add biryani leaf Add chopped onion Add green chilli Add chilli powder Add ginger garlic paste Add turmeric powder Add garam masala Add coriander powder Add sugar Add keema chicken Add salt Add water Add tomato sauce Add breadcrumbs Now chicken keema masala is ready Transfer onto a plate Divide eggs in two Now 200 sliced egg ready Discard biryani leaf Take hold an egg and cover it Keema masala and shape it in the form of a egg Add oil to a frying pan, and heat it up. crack eggs into a vessel In a vessel, take breadcrumbs In a plate, take All purpose flour Salt to taste Beat the eggs well Coat the egg in all purpose flour on all sides. Dip in egg Roll in breadcrumbs Again dip in egg Again roll in breadcrumbs and keep aside Now put the coated egg in the frying pan one by one Now Super Crispy Devil Eggs Ready