With only two ingredients it really doesn’t get any simpler than this These coconut laddoo’s are your last minute superstar!! For this recipe you can use dried coconut or fresh Fresh coconut is wetter, so it uses less condensed milk Condensed milk is easily available and is a good item to have handy in your kitchen Simply mix the condensed milk into the coconut Stir well until the whole mixture is incorporated Remember to taste the mixture and adjust the quantity of condensed milk according to your taste preference Add more condensed milk if you want it sweeter If it has become too sweet, you can balance that by adding more coconut Roll out the laddoos in your palms to make perfect ball shapes If you are using fresh coconut, you may need to let the laddoos set in the fridge for about half an hour Garnish the laddoos with nuts of your choice And just like that, your yummy coconut laddoos, fresh from the Glamrs kitchen are ready to enjoy!