– I’m incredibly competitive. – I hate this. – I don’t know what I think right now! – Fake, fake, fake, fake! – I’m stuck with the
one I don’t believe in? – Fact number one,
McDonald’s chicken nuggets all come in four different
shapes which have the names bell, bow-tie, ball, and boot. I grew up Kosher, so
we never had fast food. Roughly 37 percent of McDonald’s store employees are teenagers. – They’re usually, like,
people who are older, you know what I mean, doing
the burger flipping and the – – Retirees just looking
to get out of the house, make some cash.
– Yeah. – One time I went to a
Dairy Queen in Georgia and an eight year old was working there. At one particular 2011
National Hiring Day event, McDonald’s accepted
about 6.2 of applicants. Harvard’s acceptance
rate was seven percent. Harvard’s not that great. You guys ever hung out
with kids from Harvard? They’re the worst. – But have you ever
seen Good Will Hunting? – I will pick teen employees. – I pick Harvard and McDonald’s as a fake, because I also think that sounds fake-ish. – I’m stuck with the
one I don’t believe in? – [Director] You don’t believe that one? – I believe this one. I don’t believe this. Wait, no, I think this is true. I don’t believe this. – [Director] You think that’s fake? – I think this is fake. – Then that’s the one you want. – [Director] That’s the one you want, there’s only one fake.
– Oh, fake! – [Gaby] (Bleep) yeah! – For the record, I
didn’t know how to play. Now I know how to play, and it’s go time. It’s go time, baby! – (Bleep) yeah! Teens! – [Jesse] First fact, or fake fact. – Hmm. – KFC’s popcorn chicken
was an idea proposed by the six year old daughter of the CEO. – I love popcorn chicken. If it was invented by a six year old, that would make me love it even more. – I think I read it somewhere. – That’s the basis of my entire education, “I think I read that somewhere.” KFC was the first American fast food chain to open a restaurant in
China, before McDonald’s. – KFC in China seems true to me because Chinese people love chicken,
and KFC is only chicken, and I just think KFC
would’ve got there first. Name one time you’ve seen a
Chinese person eat a hamburger. – Justin Tan had a hamburger. – When I went to the
McDonald’s in Chinatown. Colonel sanders was a sixth-grade dropout. – False. – False. Just like the Tooth Fairy. Sorry, children. – All right, what do I think is false. I’m gonna say popcorn
chicken child invention. That’s what I’m gonna say. – I’m gonna go with Colonel Sanders. – I got stuck with KFC in China. – (laughs) – Quinta!
– What? I just… – [Gaby] What?
– [Jesse] Woo! – No! – [Director] Colonel Sanders is real! – He’s real?
– No! – And a sixth-grade dropout. – What is he the colonel of? – Is he black? – [Gaby] What?
– [Jesse] Woo! – Subway was named after the founder’s favorite Beatles song, “Yellow Submarine”. – Oh.
– That sounds cuckoo bananas. – It would make sense, anyway. They make subs, and it’s a
way, you know what I mean? There are more Subway
locations in the world than McDonald’s, I
don’t think that’s true. – That seems true.
– True, true, I believe it. – What? We would’ve heard
about it on the news. Maybe I wasn’t watching that day. – The news? It would have came on the news, like, Subway now passes McDonald’s. – Breaking, this just in! – It would’ve! Of course! – Sandwiches are selling in America! – How often are you
watching the financial news? – Quite often. Customers have sued
Subway after discovering that their famous Footlong sandwiches were actually less than 12 inches. – I believe that in a heartbeat. – I’d do it.
– Discussion over! – Excuse me, my sandwich is 11.8 inches, and it says it’s supposed to be 12. – Vote, vote, vote! – I think this is the fake, and I’m gonna be so mad if it’s not. – Yellow submarine is the fake! – Sorry, Jesse. – This is true. – [Quinta] You’ve gotta be kidding me. Explain this to me, A. Sapington! – How is that fair? – There’s so much on the line! – I love this game!
– So annoying! – [Quinta] These are Pizza Hut facts! Pizza Hut was started
by brothers who borrowed 600 dollars from their mom
to open their first store. – Unless they literally bought
a Pizza Hut for 600 dollars. – Pizza Hut was the first
pizza place where you could order online from
in 1994. Interesting. – I believe it. – Wow, I kind of believe that one. Taylor Swift confessed
that she used the Pizza Hut app to order late-night food. – Oh, absolutely believe that.
– [Gaby] True! – What?
– Absolutely! She is the embodiment of all pop-culture, so if it’s, like, using
apps and pizza, come on. She was on top of that. – Yeah, she tweeted it yesterday. – This, fake. – Mom’s money, mom’s spaghetti, fake! – It’s America and it’s
our rags to riches story! – Fake, fake, fake, fake! – Oh, yeah, I’m out, I’m out. – Who wins?
– [Director] Quinta! – [Gaby] Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? – Mama-mia! – Thanks, feels good to win. – This is bullshit, I had the most points. – ♫ I am the champion, my friends ♫ – [Jesse] Boo!
– Yes!