Today, hugely awesome squish-able savings,
for your kitchen! Hi! I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite! And I’m Intern Amy. In one
of your last videos..ever. Oh my gosh no! She’s not ill I promise she’s just going back
to school soon. Did it just squish? Yes! Alright so this is the deal, which we will get to
in a moment, but if you would like to get any of my big deals moving forward, click
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my big deals. And here is your huge deal for today! The bowls which compress to an inch
in size free up an incredible amount of space in your dishwasher and are super easy to clean!
The bowls with a spout which I will show you in a moment won’t slip or slide and are BPA
free. QVC sells one bowl on its own for 30 dollars with shipping costs. I found you a
set of 3 bowls with free shipping! Quick Amy! Let’s go to our fake kitchen set! Now I love
the spout because if you are pouring things from one bowl to another it is great! The
size differentials are great! Amy what did you think of the test batch you used at home?
Yes I used it at my house to make taco dip which it was great for because it’s kind of
creamy so you’re able to pour it more easily! But it’s cool because once we were running
out we could just push down and it looked like we still had a bunch! Yes and actually
I didn’t even think about this so this is a serving vessel. It doesn’t skid, so look
I am trying to move this with all of my weight and it is not moving. This is a great YouTube
video right now. This is also very easy to clean! These bowls that Matt found are great
for college because they’re not easy to break and they don’t take up a lot of space. So
if you don’t have a big kitchen they are great for that! And with Matt’s deal they’re really
cheap!! If you would like this deal which I think is going to sell out. They are very
practical. Under 27 dollars. For all of the Intern Amy fans give her a thumbs up! I don’t
even care about the deal today just give her a thumbs up! She’s been amazing but will be
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