I am Ann Reardon And today we are making chocolate truffles
part 2. Between all of you requested 64 different flavours of truffles, so here today we are
going to make the top 10 most request truffles. Starting with number 10 you requested NUTELLA.
If you have a mold you can just pipe nutella into the molds like we did with some of the
fillings in part 1 last time, if you don’t have a mold just put some nutella into a small
container,. Use a knife to mark the surface so you can
see where your squares will be and push a hazelnut into the top of each one. Freeze that overnight. And then in the morning
it will be firm enough for you to cut into squares using a hot knife. It was so nice
of you to request an easy one first up because some of the others I have developed recipes
for you. So this is good to start easy. Dip your frozen cubes into tempered chocolate.
Then use your fork to scoop it out and tap it on the side of the bowl to get of any excess
chocolate and place it on the baking paper. If you do not know what I mean by using tempered
chocolate then you must watch the tempering chocolate video before making these. I will
put a link to the chocolate video playlist at the end of this video and you can find
truffles part 1 there and the tempering video there as well. Get a piece of hazelnut, dip it into the chocolate
and stick it to the top of each truffle. Coming in at number 9 is coconut filling. To make this place sugar and glucose syrup
and water into a saucepan and heat over high heat stirring until the sugar is dissolved. For all the quantities that you will need
to make these truffles go to the website howtocookthat.net there’s is a link in the description below
this video. Once the sugar is dissolved wash down the
sides of the pan using a wet pastry brush. The purpose of this is so that the sugar crystals
on the edge don’t make the sugar in the solution crystalize and also so that it doesn’t burn
before the sugar syrup is ready. Watch it until the bubbles begins to thicken.
If you listen carefully you will hear a change in sound from quick little bubbles to slowly
popping bubbles. And watch it until it turns golden. If you are not sure whether colour is changed
because it can be a bit hard to see through all the bubbles pull it off the heat and let
the bubble subside and they you will be able to see more clearly whether it is totally
clear or if it has started to turn golden. Once it is golden make sure it is over the
heat and stir in your cream and coconut milk, it is going to steam suddenly so make sure
you hands are out of the way. And then once that initial burst of steam has gone keep
stirring it until it is smooth. Add a candy thermometer to the side of the
pan and and heat without stirring until it reaches 230F. Then at that point remove it from the heat
and stir in your dessicated coconut. Pour that into a lined brownie tin and allow to
cool just at room temp. Once it is cooled remove it from the tin,
cut into long slices and use two knives to shape it into a point at the top. This mixture
could be rolled into balls or shaped how you like it, this is just how I am doing it you
can use your imagination as to how you want it to look. Then place on a tray in the fridge for at
least an hour to firm up. Once you’ve done that you should be able to easily slice into
small bite sized pieces and drop them one at a time into your tempered chocolate. Scoop out with the fork just like we did before,
tap it on the side of the bowl and then place onto some baking paper. Give a little sprinkle
with coconut on the top so people will know what’s inside. Number 8 most requested truffle was HAZELNUT
and some others have requested praline so lets do a hazelnut praline filling and double
dip it in chocolate. Place some chocolate into a bowl and pour
over the hot cream. Leave for a minute and then stir until smooth.
Spread you hazelnuts onto some baking paper. Put your sugar and water and glucose syrup
into a saucepan. Stir again until the sugar is dissolved brushing
down the sides of the pan with a pastry brush and leave it without stirring just like you
did before until it starts to go golden. As soon as it is ready you want to pour it over
the hazelnuts and leave it to cool completely. When it is cold it will be solid, and it will
snap it into sharp pieces a bit like glass. Place in a strong bag you might need to put
it in two so that it doesn’t spill everywhere. Now for the fun bit, smash it with a rolling
pin until you get lots of tiny pieces, pour that into the ganache and stir it in. Cover
it with plastic wrap and leave it just at room temperature overnight to set up.
Once it is set take spoonfuls of your ganache and roll it into balls.
There were also lots of request for white chocolate. White chocolate does not tend to
be as firm or as easy to temper as dark and milk chocolate do, but if you use fake chocolate
with vegetable fat it doesn’t taste as nice so what I suggest you do is use a mixture
of both for coating your white chocolate truffles. Melt the fake chocolate first as that melts
at a higher temperature and then stir in your finely chopped real chocolate. Again if you’re
not sure what I am talking about with real chocolate fake chocolate and tempering then
just click on the the chocolate playlist at the end of this video and there is one there
that will explain all of that. Dip the balls of ganache into the white chocolate
and tap on the side of the bowl to remove any excess. Place onto some baking paper to
set. Once set hold the base of the truffle and dip the top into dark chocolate, tap your
hand to help shake off excess chocolate and then turn it carefully the right way up the
right way up and place back on the paper. Which is actually tricker than it looks. Once
they are set put some white chocolate into a ziplock bag and pipe swirls onto the top,
if the chocolate is too runny like it is here and it is hard to pipe just put the bag flat
in the fridge for a moment to let it cool it down and that will thicken up the chocolate.
If you leave it in there too long it will set completely so just keep an eye on it and
then pipe your swirls on top. At Number 7 we have orange chocolate truffles.
These are a fairly simple one and you can use this same technique for other fruits as
well. Grate the rind of two oranges on a fine grater. Be careful to just get the orange
bit and don’t keep grating into the white because that’s very bitter. Juice the oranges
and place the juice and rind into a saucepan. Let it boil, now what we are doing here is
concentrating that juice and flavour of the orange into a smaller amount of liquid so
that we can put the maximum amount of flavour into our ganache. Keep a watch on it and take
it off the heat so you can see how much liquid you have left. And keep boiling it until it
looks thickened like this. Pour it through a sieve and if you want the bitter marmalade
flavour push on the rind the release more of that bitter flavor otherwise just pour
it through the sieve and don’t push on the rind. Pour two -three tablespoons of hot juice
over the chocolate and then stir until it is smooth. I used three tablespoons of juice
here and I found it a little soft when I was rolling it into balls so I suggest that you
just use two tablespoons and that will make it a little bit firmer. Place that in a container
and put that in the freezer overnight. The next day take some white chocolate and
using a potato peeler shave small pieces off the edge. Put this into a small bowl ready
for dipping. Roll your cold ganache into balls then drop into the chocolate. scoop out and
tap on the side of the bowl then drop into the white chocolate shavings and roll it around
and then out it on the baking paper to set. number 6 are peanut butter squares
Take some peanut butter and mix a little bit of jam into it just to get a sweetness that
you like. Place in a small container lined with baking paper and freeze over night.
Then using a finely serrated knife cut that into cubes.
If you don’t want to use jam in there you could melt a little bit of chocolate in with
it just something to give it a little bit of sweetness and make it easier to cut. Spread some white chocolate thinly onto a
piece of nonstick baking paper and if you want you can make a pattern in it using the
palette knife or I am using the back of a paint brush to do a wood type grain pattern
. If you have chocolate transfer sheets you can use that here like we did in the first
video I’m just showing you a different alternative if you can’t get hold of the transfer sheets.
Spread dark chocolate over the top and then once it is starting to set cut it into squares.
Leave to set completely and then peel off the paper. Dip your squares of frozen peanut
butter and jelly into the chocolate and then top each one before it sets with a patterned
square. Truffles number 5 are peanut butter and jelly
molded chocolates truffles. This mold is an ice cube tray that has a smooth
edge on the sides and then at the base it’s got a rough silicone top so it gives two textures
to the chocolate. Fill the molds with tempered chocolate scrape off the excess, leave for
a moment and then pour it back out tapping on the mold to get out the excess. and then
scrape it clean. Leave that to set up. Using a ziplock bag pipe just a small amount of
jam or it you are in the US you probably call it jelly into the top of each mold, top that
with a little bit of chocolate and give it a bit of a shake to seal over the first section.
THen put some peanut butter in a ziplock bag and pipe a little bit into each mold
Fill the molds with chocolate scrape off the excess and leave to set. Now keep in mind
that the chocolate that you scraped back into the bowl can not be used for anyone with peanut
allergy so do not use it on any of your other chocolates if you are going to be giving them
away. Once they are set you can tip them out of
the mold and you can see here the chocolate that was on the edge is nice and smooth and
shiny and the one that was on the top where the silicone mat was has a different texture
so it give a bit of a contrast. And when you bite into them you have got your jam at the
top and the peanut butter at the base. Coming in at number 4 with 30 requests was
STRAWBERRY Take your strawberries, hull them and place
in a saucepan then add some water and rinse them off then drain as much of that water
off into the sink as you can. Place over a medium heat with a lid on to
stew the strawberries, you’re going to need to keep stirring that often to stop them from
sticking. You don’t want to add more water because we are trying to keep the liquid down
to a minimum. ANd that’s why we are going to have to keep stirring it often. Keep going
until the fruit is very soft then remove from the heat and stir in your white chocolate.
I am making a soft filling here, the more chocolate you add the firmer it will be but
that also dilutes the strawberry flavour and ends up tasting more of the chocolate that
the strawberry. It is up to you whether you keep the lumps of your strawberries or you
can push it through a sieve to get it totally smooth. Pour it into a bowl, leave in the
fridge to cool completely. Take two small bowls and put a spoon of white
chocolate in each, mix in some oil based food colour into each one. You can get that from
cake decorating stores. I am using yellow and orange you can use what ever you fancy.
Using your finger place smudges of each of the colours on the inside of the molds just
in random places. Fill the molds with dark chocolate making sure you tap to get rid of
any air bubbles, scrape the top clean, leave for a moment and then tip out the excess.
Now we can’t possibly eat all of these truffles so I thought I’d give them away so make sure
you watch to the end of the video and I’ll explain how you can get your hands on some. Pipe in some of that strawberry ganache into
each mold. Cover with chocolate and scrape off your excess and leave to set. Tip these out of the mold and they look a
bit like marbles I really like these ones. The third most requested truffle recipe was
now you can of course make a raspberry ganache like I just showed you with the strawberry
but I wanted to make a filling that was just raspberry. Take your fresh or frozen defrosted
raspberries and blend them in a blender until smooth with some cream.
Push through a sieve to take out the tiny seeds. This will take a little while to sieve
it through but just keep going pushing it with the back of your spoon until you have
a nice smooth mixture in your bowl and sort of a slurry of seed left the seeds in the
sieve. Measure your mixture and you should have around 240ml or just a little less than
1 cup. Heat your sugar, water and glucose syrup in
a saucepan until the sugar has dissolved, and again like we have done before wash down
the sides of the pan using a wet pastry brush and then leave it to bubble away. While you
are doing that measure out your butter. Keep an eye on you sugar mixture, and wait for
ti to turn golden, and as I said if it is hard to see with the bubbles just take it
off the heat so that you can see what colour it is and as soon as it is golden. return
to the heat and add in your raspberry mixture, stirring and being careful not to get burnt
by the steam. Keep stirring until it is smooth. this took a bit of experimenting to develop
a recipe for you that I was happy with. It tastes of raspberry and has that perfect gooey
texture without using hard to find ingredients Add a candy thermometer to the pan making
sure it is not touching the bottom and heat because otherwise you are measuring the pan
temperature rather than what is in the pan, it should be just off the bottom. Heat it
until it gets to 230F if you don’t have a candy thermometer take a small amount out
and put it on a plate to see roughly how thick it will be. Now it is going to be thicker
than it looks on the plate because as it cools completely it will get even thicker than it
is. Pour into a heat proof bowl and leave to cool completely
Now for these ones I am using a silicone mold that is completely smooth so it is going to
give us a shiny finish. And I am putting just a little bit of luster dust on the inside
inside each mold. You don’t have to do that that’s optional but if you want to just put
a little bit onto each one. Then fill up the molds with white chocolate as we did before,
tip out the excess tapping on the bottom of the mold to get out the excess and let it
set up. Take some of your gooey raspberry filling, put it in a ziplock bag and pipe
just a little bit into each mold making sure you don’t overfill them because then it is
hard to get a smooth base on them . Gently tap it to smooth it out and using a knife
scrape off any that has gone on the edges as that will prevent the chocolate from making
a good seal on your filling. Top with you white chocolate and scrape off any excess.
Leave to set. Once that’s ready tip out your mold and you have raspberry white chocolate
hearts. Most requested chocolate truffle
number 2 is SOFT CARAMEL
Fill your mold with chocolate and scrape of any excess, tap it on the bench to remove
any air bubbles. Leave it to sit for a moment, the longer you leave it to site the thicker
the outside chocolate will be. There is no really right or wrong it is up to you how
thick you want it. And it is less likely to break if it is thicker. Tip out the excess
chocolate, tapping on the bottom of the mold then scrape off the top to make it neat. Place
some dulce de leche into a ziplock bag and pipe it into the centres. THere is a video
on this channel showing how to make dulce de leche from scratch. The hotter you heat
your dulce de leche when you make it the thicker it will be, I have left this one a little
runnier than I usually do with dulce de leche because I wanted the truffle just to be gooey
and runny. Cover the top with chocolate, scrape off the excess and leave to set. Tip out of
the mold. ANd then I am using some gold luster dust on a clean dry paint brush and putting
a little stripe onto each chocolate. And then when you bit into these you are going to have
that gooey liquidly caramel centre. The number 1 most request chocolate truffle
recipe is for CHEWY CARAMEL so to make that
Place your sugar and water into a sauce pan and bring to the boil just like we have done
before, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Once it is dissolved wash down the sides of
the pan using a pastry brush dipped in water and then leave it to boil without stirring.
while it is bubbling measure out your cream and butter. Keep a watch on the saucepan and
again just spotting it when it just starts to go golden, stir in the cream and butter
being careful that you don’t get burnt by the steam. Keep stirring until it is well
combined then let it bubble away on its own. Add a candy thermometer to the pan and we
are wanting to heat it up to 255F If you don’t have a candy thermometer it is a lot harder
to judge when to pull it off the heat but it is not impossible. I’ll show you what it
looks like at a couple of different temperatures when you drop some of it into a little bit
of cold water . At 240F if looks like this it all sinks to the bottom if you pull it
out on your finger it is firm but it is not hard and it makes the water look a little
cloudy. But at 255F it holds its shape instantly and
it is firm and it’s hard . Immediately pour it into a lined heatproof
container and leave it to cool. Once it s cooled enough to handle and it is
firm but still slightly warm that’s when you want to cut it into the rectangles. If you
wait until it is completely cold it’s going to be hard to cut into neat shapes. Once you’ve
cut them into rectangles let them completely cool down and then drop them into tempered
chocolate, cover them, pull them out with the fork, tapping on the side of the container.
Then place them onto you non-stick baking paper to firm up.
Put some of you chocolate into a ziplock bag, cut off a tiny corner off the bag and then
pipe a squiggles of chocolate across the top of each one. With all your truffles like we
did last time you can use a knife to trim off any excess chocolate from the edges.
Now we can’t eat all of these truffles ourselves I am going to give away 5 sets of truffles.
As i have just started a howtocookthat fb, twitter, google plus and instagram account,
i know I am a bit slow on the uptake there. I will give away one set of truffles on each
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if it something that you can hashtag #howtocookthat and then at the end of the week I will randomly
draw out a winner. I don’t know how well they will survive in the post but I am will to
post them all over the world so that nobody misses out. I’ll put the links to all those
social media accounts in the description below this video.
Thanks for watching I will see you next week with the perfect sponge cake recipe.