What’s up Odisha? I made it I’m sitting here in a roadside restaurant outside of Bhubaneswar. I have been here for 10 days so far. You guys I’ve now been to every single state and union territory here in India. Odisha was my final place to come to so. I feel, I feel really amazing about that and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet, But I’ll start making some videos about like my favorite places in India from having visited everywhere. Hey guys, I didn’t tell you that I was coming to Odisha because recently, I made a number of enemies of my videos. Especially with these call center guys and these call centre guys are extremely rich and extremely powerful. So these days I had to keep my real-time location a bit more secret. That’s why I didn’t announce that I was coming to Odisha because it was exactly around the time of that scam call center video. So yeah, that’s that. I’m gonna eat some vada now and then let’s go on a trip around like the area of Bhubaneswar with my friend Just Vish over there and uh, yeah, I’ll try and make it up to you guys for not telling you that I was here, sorry. This is my mate Just Vish from YouTube.
Vish: Hello,
Karl: We hooked up and what are we gonna eat today, bro? Vish: So we’re gonna have your quintessential breakfast that you get you’re in Odisha, coastal Odisha to be more specific. So we’re gonna have vada, which is vada. We’re gonna have deep-fried bread with it. Yeah, we’re gonna have upma and we’re all gonna have that with spicy pea gravy which is called Ghuguni which is like the soul of all breakfast here in Odisha. Karl: I found this everywhere in Odisha actually. You have vada, some deep fried bread and you have it with this curry for breakfast. Everybody’s eating it and then you wash it down with some tea as well. Let’s do it. So a quick food review Odisha knows what they’re doing for breakfast. We have all these little different dishes on this little steel plate. We have vada and the vada is quite different here. It’s different Chhattisgarh and it’s different from South India. It’s very soft and very very crunchy and you put that in the pea curry in this amazing kind of pea curry and the two just goes so well together. Then you’ve got deep fried bread you eat that with the pea curry as well, the curry. Then you’ve got Upma and they also mix that with the pea curry as well. So yeah, the pea curry adds flavor to everything that is probably the most important dish here in Odishan breakfast. ‘Odishan’ is that a word? Odisha breakfast maybe Odishi breakfast and then we washed it down with some tea and these kind of ‘meethi kachori’ that’s what, that’s what I call them. Vish so how much was that feast we just had? It was a feast. Vish: It was feast for breakfast here. It was, I think he took 50 rupees.
Karl: Wow. Yeah. It’s nothing It’s so cheap and that’s what I’ve noticed here in Odisha. I haven’t pay more than like 50 rupees for like unlimited tea and whatever I had for lunch or for breakfast. Vish: I think that’s mainly because they serve the people here and you know to stay in business they got a price it as the market is.
Karl: Okay, I don’t say this much but We’re out in rural Odisha right now actually Odisha is known for a couple of things. Firstly, rasgulla. Now people from West Bengal you’re going to get in the comments and blast me for that. There was a big trademark dispute between West Bengal and Odisha as to who owns the origins of rasgulla and West Bengal won actually, but both states are known for their incredible rasgulla and both rasgulla are a little different, okay. So you should try both. The Odishi rasgulla is a little brown in color and they’re also known for temples if you love temples. Odisha is the place for you. It is the temple state. Yeah, it’s absolutely temples everywhere and some amazing ones too. You guys know, I’m not that interested in temples so I didn’t actually visit any except for the outside of the Jagannath temple and I made a video on that temple because only Hindus are allowed to enter that temple and they wouldn’t even allow Mahatma Gandhi to enter and they wouldn’t allow Indira Gandhi to enter. Even though they’re hindus, right? They wouldn’t allow Mahatma to enter because he was with Muslims and they wouldn’t allow and Indira to enter because she married a non Hindu, crazy! If you love temples Odisha is the place for you to come. And I thought Odisha might be a little bit similar to its neighbor Chhattisgarh, but no, not really not at all. It has shared some more similarities with West Bengal in terms the language just a little bit similar, the whole rasgulla thing and people here love love fish. We had some really good fish here but the flavors are totally different from anywhere else that I have ever been in India. So here they love mustard. Everything is with mustard like we had like mustard fish. mustard kingfisher, mustard I can’t remember anyway mustard everything and yeah it’s really good if you love mustard and I do. That’s the thing about India every state has something incredible and unique about it and Odisha is no different. You can’t really compare it to any other state. Then after Puri, I went off to Daringbadi. I took a motorcycle and I rode all the way out there. It’s a hill station and is called the Kashmir of Odisha. Then I went out to Mandasaru which is just an even more epic hill station. So so beautiful. So yeah, I really went off and explored Odisha on my own. Just me and my motorcycle. Vish I have one question for you. So as soon as I got out of Bhubaneswar, I noticed the men don’t like to wear t-shirts. You guys like to be topless? Vish: No,
Karl: I noticed this.
Vish: We wear tank tops. Karl: No, no, that guy’s got one. Where is the, ahh. Okay, there’s not one right here but I noticed like the village guys love to just come around walk around shirtless. So nothing wrong with it. I’m just saying it’s different. That’s all. Vish: Yeah, that’s basically because of the climate here. It’s mostly extremely hot and you’re lucky to be coming here in November, which is pleasantly cold. Karl: Yeah, It was just a lungi. That’s it.
Vish: Yeah, so you know beat the heat. Karl: Yeah, good idea.
Vish: So heat actually goes all the way up to 45- 48 degree. Karl: 48 Vish: Yeah, so you can’t, it’s a good idea to be you know free and let the air flow. Karl: Totally. Yeah, and now I won’t embarrass Vish, but I noticed the woman also, very very free. The old woman in particular. So a few of them flashed me by mistake when a gust of wind comes that blows, that blows their saree a bit and yeah. They they don’t wear bras or What do you call it? Underneath a sari like a blouse. Is that what you call it? I mean the old, the older woman weren’t in the villages where I was. So that was I didn’t it didn’t expect that. We’re in a tiny village now and one thing I noticed about Odisha is they still really really practice their arts and crafts here. You’ll go from villages and you’ll see everybody lining the streets like through their painting, building handicrafts or in this village you can hear behind me the guy is tapping away on brass. He’s making brass like tiny plates brass, drink cups. Just go in and say hello and Of course like everywhere in India people have a beautiful cow. Hello, How are you? Local: Please come in. So what’s happening in there, It’s going through a process of making a plate. It comes at the middle comes out of the fire, they bash it down into a plate shape and then it goes off to these other guys. It’s a production line and they put the finishing touches on these plate. Incredible! Thank you Odisha and thank you Just Vish for showing me around the outskirts in Bhubaneswar. I have had an incredible time here in Odisha. Every state in India is unique and that’s something that I’ve seen after traveling every single state and union territory here. The diversity of India and that every single place I get surprised by something. Everything changes language, food, the people. One thing India has in common, every state has in common is the hospitality. It’s always incredible here some things go across all states like that, you know. It’s very very Indian. So thank you guys so much and there’s plenty more travel goals to come from me. I’m not stopping just because I’ve been everywhere, you know, there’s still a lot of smaller places I need to go to for example, Maharashtra. I need to travel so far through and around Maharashtra such a big state right? There is so much more for me to do here in India and Pakistan.