– Hello and welcome back. I feel like, I feel like
it’s very dark in here. Now hold on, hold on, let’s check. I feel like maybe I have
a light out, but I don’t. I guess we could turn this own. Let’s work on lighting
at Jamerrill’s place. Okay, I don’t know. I don’t think that’s gonna help. Anyway, kitchen’s feeling
especially dark today. Don’t know why. Must be where the sun is. So water’s a rushing. I’m getting ready to put
probably eight to 10 pounds of some of the last of the pasture-raised ground beef I had in the
freezer in my roaster oven. We are doing about 20
healthy freezer meals. So we’ve got about six
instant pot, or slow-cooker, depends on any way you wanna cook it up. I’ll have directions on both. Healthy freezer meals. And then we have two
that qualify for a bake. I wouldn’t even call ’em. Well, it could be more of a casserole. You’ll see. All of these ingredients
would qualify as gluten-free. Of course, for gluten-free,
you have to really eyeball, and know your brands and read your labels, and make sure you’re getting
gluten-free variations. All of them but three are dairy-free. And they’re all low-carb, keto, and Trim Healthy Mama S Meals friendly. You know, I can’t check all the boxes on all the food things, and I’m just a mama in my kitchen, but these large family recipes
have been highly requested. So I hope you like ’em. Let’s get cookin’, and we’ll look at my
white board in a minute and see what’s going down, but gotta kinda get this
ground beef cookin’ first. Have that heating up, and we can see evidence of that. So that’s why I was like, oh, I better quit chatting in my camera, and I best get this ground beef in there. It’s gonna sizzle. Okay, now I’m gonna get this lid on. Okay, so I will read
you my white board list. Of course, my big freezer
cookin’ days go so much faster when I am working off my own large family freezer meal packs. I have a whole collection
with packs one through six. If you are interested in those, the link will be down in
the description below, and you can always use
the promo code HELLO20 to take 20% off your first purchase in my large family table shop. Any who, today these
recipes are not in a pack, but you can get all of these. Someone’s messaging me. All of these recipes
are available for free over on LargeFamilyTable.com, and of course the link is gonna
be in the description below to take you to all of these. Any who, what we are
making is we are gonna do a spicy Italian sausage and peppers bake. We’re gonna do peppered lemon chicken. That’ll be instant pop or slow cooker. We’re gonna do cilantro lime chicken, and that meat can be used for tacos, or fajita, or for wraps. Fantastic. We’re gonna do a low-carb
broccoli and cheddar soup. We’re gonna do a low-carb
cheesy and cauliflower soup. We’re gonna do red pepper meatballs. And the way that I like to do those, the meatballs will be
all prepped ahead, etc., but they can be served over
cauliflower rice or brown rice. My children would have it over brown rice. I’d have it over cauliflower rice. We’re also gonna do low-carb taco soup, and we’re gonna be doing a low-carb beef and cheesy cauliflower bake. So all of these except, it’s the low-carb beef and
cheese cauliflower bake, the cheesy cauliflower soup,
and the broccoli cheddar soup. Obviously, those are not dairy-free, but the other ones that I
listed, the spicy Italian. I won’t read ’em for you again, but you can do the math. The other ones that are dairy-free. And also those of you who have
been wanting a large family dairy-free recipes and helps, even though I am not a dairy-free expert, I have one of my good mama
friends doing some work for me over on LargeFamilyTable.com. She’s gonna be like our dairy-free expert because she has been dairy-free herself for many, many decades,
knows a lot about it. So be looking over there. We now have a dairy-free section that’ll have more updates coming up. Okay, so I am cookin’ this ground beef. This is gonna be for the low-carb
beef and cauliflower bake and also the taco soup. Then I have some ground beef
I’m using for the meatballs. I got the chicken for the lemon chicken and the cilantro lime chicken., and I have the Italian sausages. So yeah, I’m hopeful that even though I’m doing 20 large family
healthy freezer meals, it’s not gonna take too long. Famous last words. Because I have more freezer cookin’ I’m doing once I get these. I’m kinda dividing my freezer
cookin’ videos up today so that you can have this
one with the healthy. And then if you want
another one with the sanity, in my next video it’s gonna be three different types
of freezer sandwiches. I’m looking at my list. Some sausage breakfast muffins, whole bunch of banana bread,
whole bunch of protein bites, and a whole bunch of homemade granola bars that are also freezer friendly. So if you like any of that
stuff, get it all here. Come on back and see that,
but let’s get cookin’. (upbeat music) So what I was just doing there was getting one of those
pasture-raised chickens in my 14 quart GoWISE pressure cooker. The reason that I’m doing that is for a few of these meals I need chicken broth, and I don’t have any other chicken broth. So I need to cook a chicken
and make some chicken broth, but that will be fine because then the meat from that chicken I will bag up, and I will use that, or
I have different kids that will use that chicken for snacks or to go along with lunch
with some fruits and veggies. And it’ll get used don’t worry, but I also went ahead and put
12 cups of water in there, ’cause I need at least
12 cups of chicken broth. It’ll make more than that. We’ll have some good healthy
chicken broth in the works. So now, I have a bazillion peppers, whole lot of colored peppers
that need chopped up. I could have got a better deal
on this pepper trio at Aldi, or Costco even has a pretty
good deal most of the time. But got ’em at Walmart. I feel like I paid just a little more, but that’s okay because Walmart put my groceries in my trunk for me, and that’s what matters. So we’re gong to chop all of these. I know several ladies
have asked me recently about using a food processor. See, we’re gonna sit,
and chat, and chop, okay? And I have one. It’s in my cabinet. Thing is, I just like to
sit and chop my vegetables. It’s therapeutic. Some ladies like to iron. Some ladies like to do
laundry in general or garden. Sorry that noise is probably
overpowering my voice there. We just have different
things we like to do. Some like to dust. Some like to vacuum. We have many things we have to do, but then there’s some things you just really get a kick out of doing. I just like sitting here and chopping. I like sitting. Sitting is my favorite. So (laughs) we are going to
sit and chop all these peppers, and then we need to chop up
some onion and some cilantro. And I went ahead, and you know I’ve done
this in different videos, I wrote down what I think
my timeframe is going to be for the actions I need to do. And I’m thinking I’m going to come in about three hours, start to finish. Hopefully Jamerrill will not double that. But three hour start to finish. And if I don’t get too chatty, but that also includes the process of, I’m batch cookin’ ground beef
for a few of these meals, and I’m cookin’ a chicken. I’m chopping all my veggies. Certainly ways you can streamline it, but if I really do come out with 20 large family healthy freezer meals at the end of this time in
three hours, that’s great. Oh, I didn’t tell you yet. So the total cost of
everything that I needed to make these freezer meals was $175. So that breaks down to,
let’s see, do my little math, about $8.75 per meal. And so for my family of 10, to have a healthy freezer meal for $8.75, that’s really good. There are some things I had on hand. Like I did already, and I know
that this will impact price. I know it also depends on where you live as far as what your
actual grocery prices are. Again, in the blog post that
goes with all this cookin’, I’ve wrote down all my nerdy math. Any who, I already had the ground beef. Now, the chicken broth I’m making, I’m not counting that chicken meat ’cause I’m not using it for these meals. I could of bought a couple
boxes of organic chicken broth. I could of bough the best deal on ground beef that I
could find at Walmart. I did have to buy boneless
skinless chicken breast, and all my veggies, and lots
of cheese, and other items. So I felt like the $175 is a pretty fair amount across the board because you might have
chicken that you could use for these healthy freezer
meals in your freezer. You might have ground
beef in your freezer. You might have one and
need to buy the other. You might need to buy every single thing. I had to buy broccoli
and a ton of cauliflower. Maybe you have some
cauliflower in your freezer. Anyway, I’m gonna wash these peppers, and then we’ll get to chopping. Don’t spill. – [Kids] Oh, no we did not. We were having trouble– – Good, I’m glad you found him. You know what we’re gonna make? – [Kid] What? – We’re gonna make homemade granola bars. That’s what I needed raisins, and chocolate chips, and stuff for. Doesn’t that sound fun? Travis and the kids are home. Lots of people ask, where are the kids while you’re doing all this cookin’? Well, again, they’ve been out
in Walmart, bake, post office, doing many things. Most of the kids. Some of ’em were home doing other things. Any who, the little ones and a T were out. And so, they got items for
in my next freezer meal video and for our family for our freezer. We’re gonna do homemade granola bars. I needed Travis to pick up some more like dried coconut flakes and some
craisins, as we call them. So they were bringing
all those groceries in. A classic YouTube kid’s question. I know, excellent. Put ’em in the pantry, honey. (kids talking) When they brought all the groceries in, they wanted to know if
we had to put ’em out on the table so I can film ’em. So no, just put ’em away for now. There were a few more baking type items, just odds and ends I needed
for the lunch freezer meals. Which is perfect because on
Friday we are gonna go see, not tomorrow or the next day, we’re going on an all day
trip to Washington D.C. We’re gonna ride the metro. We haven’t done that in a long time. Now, our van. Yes, I was gonna tell them. We’re gonna take the
metro because our old van, I could always, even
though it was 16 passenger, I could drive right into D.C. I could park even at the bottom of the Ronald Reagan building. That’s like my favorite place to park. But now with our van,
the Mercedes Sprinter that has like the six foot
walk around room inside, I can’t park that in D.C. So we’re gonna park at the Vienna Metro. That’s the metro I always rode as a kid. And then we’ll take that into D.C. It’s been many years
since we rode the metro. Several of these kids
have never rode the metro. This’ll be a really fun experience. All that to say, we’ll be
taking those granola bars that I’m gonna do in
my next video on Friday when we have our D.C. field trip day. (upbeat music) Okay, here are all these chopped peppers going in lovely recipes now. (upbeat music) Well, reality check in. Here we are. It’s now almost eight o’clock. The time that I thought
I’d be done with this, and I feel like I’ve barely moved. We had a storm of kids come
in, and they wanted to eat. Can you believe that? It happens. So, now I’m like, okay. We’ve done dinner. That’s what happens in the middle of my freezer cookin’ time, and I’m sure it happens in
the middle of yours too. So I did two taco bakes that
I had set out last night to defrost while I’m doing
these low-carb meals, of course. And we served that up for dinner. And then we got in a whole
bunch of good conversation, a whole bunch of good chatting. And you know as a mama, you wanna take advantage of those times. So now, I think, after that break, I’m getting back into freezer cookin’. I’ve got about, it’s probably about four pounds of ground
beef here looking at me. I’m going to add in,
remember, we make lots, gonna add in about four
tablespoons of minced garlic. Got my minced garlic. Gonna add in a few
tablespoons of parsley flakes. Gonna add in my shaky cheese,
about a cup of shaky cheese. Gonna actually add in some heavy cream and some eggs to salt and
pepper and mix these up. And I’m going to precook
these meatballs this go round. (upbeat music) Still having my meatball making party. So I just got that one pan of meatballs. I didn’t even count how
many I got on that pan. So I guess we’ll count
them when they come out. Gonna get another pan of
meatballs made up now. And it might even be a
third pan after that. We will just line these
up and get them cooked. They only take about 20 minutes
or so baking them this way, and I’ve got plenty of other
things to do in the meantime. I was letting the meat that I had cooked in the roaster oven, it was about eight to 10 pounds. I was letting it drain
and start to cool a bit. And we will put that in the
meals we need to make with that. I know I’m doing, ’cause
I’ve gotta remember this. I’ve got meat hands so I can’t
go poking around at my list. But I know I was doing a taco soup. (laughs) And I like to have the ground
beef precooked for that, and I was precooking ground beef for that beef and cheddar cauliflower bake. Several of you’ve been so helpful telling me about using ice
cream scoops for cookies and even meatballs. And I had one of those nice fancy dancy like spring loaded
scoops, but kid broke it. It happens. So they thought, oh, what’s this? So we do need to go
cookin’ utensil shopping. Maybe we will take an, I almost said an all-day field trip. That too. Maybe we will take an IKEA field trip at some point this spring
and go up and get some more, some fresh cookin’ things. Y’all know I need some fresh baking pans. I guess, let me know in the comments below just some practical kitchen
tools that I might actually use. Again, I get comments often
about a food processor, and I have one here just a sitting. So, some things I’m just
a little hard-headed. I like to just chop my peppers and roll my meatballs with my hands, but I don’t mind getting different tools because sometimes those tools
become my favorite things. Like when I got my instant
pot a few years ago, I was like, well, I love my slow cooker. I don’t know. And now, I know how much I love my electric pressure cookers. I do though still find times where the slow cooker is just best. And so, case in point,
let’s say on a Sunday. Going to church. And I know I can put diner in,
or lunch, in the slow cooker, and have it set up so that
when we get home it’s done. Well, if I didn’t do
that, when we got home, I could throw stuff in the instant pot, and we would still be
eating about an hour later than we would want to. I’m done with these meatballs. That’s why my hands have
paused for a moment. So I need to get another pan. Gabriel, honey, get me another baking pan, and then spray it with this spray, and set it in front of me while
I got my meat hands, okay? Now, that also being said, I could put diner in the instant pot, and we can go out to TaeKwonDo, and it can be done in a much shorter time. I think, see that drawer. Oh, perfect, you found a bigger one. That’s good. I think I’m pretty good on
metal mixing bowls for now, but I know these baking pans like there, they’re from the farm house, and we’ve been here in the
forest for three years. So, definitely could use. I’m not great on baking pans. And going to IKEA is always a fun idea. So with these meatballs that we are doing, of course, and I did this this fall with some turkey meatballs that I had in my other low-carb and
instant pot freezer meal videos that I did I think in October. I prepped a whole bunch
of turkey parm meatballs, and then I put them in
separate little baggies. Precooked ’em, put ’em in
separate little baggies, and then I used them for like
snacks, and sauces, and such. You can also do that with these meatballs. However, I am making these
today with a goal in mind of doing this particular
red pepper instant pot or slow cooker meal that takes meatballs. This is a good base meatball recipe that you could use in many, many things. And what I did with
the turkey meatballs is I could just set ’em out to defrost in the refrigerator over night, warm ’em up in the microwave,
or drop ’em into some sauces. Lots of good ways you can use ’em. And also shared on
Instagram and Facebook how we’ve been eyeballing
new washers and dryers. Let me know which washer and dryer sets seem to be your favorite and work well. You’ve seen in my recent
Week in the Life video, I shared more about
it, and I took you out, and I showed you different
ones I was looking at. But while I’m chatting making meatballs, I’m still thinking. As soon as we think of things, and then Travis and I
go out, and we research. Like I know we wanna go look at couches. So we haven’t talked about dishwashers since last time we were
out looking at ’em. Our stuff is still working, functional, but we know it’s a coming. And we would much rather do some research, do what you all tell us to do. We wanna do the little
bit of a quality upgrade with our next purchases. We’ve done really well
getting the cheapest, and those items have
worked well over the years. But now we wanna see if we
can just do a little upgrade, and if we get a little
more mileage out of ’em. You know how that goes. Okay, so here’s a look at. These are big, thick, and hardy meatballs. A la Jamerrill, right?
(laughs) These are two more pans. You can see where Gabriel
was a little generous. It’s hard to figure out how to use that cookin’ spray at first, but he did help his mama, and get the pan, and spray it for me,
and I appreciate that. (upbeat music) So what I’m doing is I am spooning a tablespoon of olive
oil over these sausages, and then I’m gonna put
peppers, and onions, and some seasonings on here too. And I’ve been wittling down this tub of minced garlic from Walmart. – [Amelia] Mother. – Uh-huh. – When I took a bite
of one of those peppers that you put in a bag for me– – Yeah. Amelia was helping me. You were eating all the
peppers, weren’t ya? Yes? But what about the peppers? – [Amelia] Well, I ate like some. It was not all of them, but some. But they, for some reason,
they tasted like onions. – Well it could be, I didn’t
chop the onions til after. Sometimes when you’re chopping. Okay, mama, lessons for
other little girls watching. Sometimes when you’re chopping veggies, you wanna cut your onions last, right? ‘Cause otherwise, if you
cut your onions first and then you cut your peppers,
it can get that onion taste, but I cut all those peppers first, and then I chopped the onions. But even the smell of onions
can kinda get on things. That might be why. But Amelia, she even asked for it. She had a bunch with the taco bake, and that’s what’s nice
about the taco bake. Although, that’s not considered
one of our low-carb recipes. Because she just piled on
a bunch of red peppers, yellow peppers, orange peppers, a little bit of extra
dollop of sour cream, and shredded cheese,
and she was ready to go, but then she wanted a whole baggie of colored peppers as her snack. Okay, so here’s how the pans of the sausage are looking right now. I’ve just done the tablespoon of olive oil and then two tablespoons
each of minced garlic. Now I’m going to shake on
just some oregano leaves very lightly. I’m just doing a few shakes. I would say that’s not even
a fourth of a tablespoon. (laughs) Not very much, okay, okay. And then we’re gonna do
about the same amount of basil leaves, just very lightly. And then I’m gonna shake on
just a little bit of parsley. And again, all of this is very light. Now we’re gonna load it up
with peppers and onions. And I’m just going to share
this amongst the three pans. Now, I’m going to do
the same with peppers. I said in this recipe it was the equivalent of six chopped peppers. So that makes it about two in each pan. And then you can do this, of course, when you go to cook it
on your cookin’ day, but Lord only knows what I’ll
be doing on my cookin’ day. So I’m just gonna go ahead and put some salt and pepper on the top of these. Now, what would be perfect
to go along with these, of course, is steamed
vegetables like broccoli, or cauli rice, for children,
brown rice, quinoa. If you’re doing more
of a trim healthy mama, and you wanna make it a cross over, you could have those items as well. Or if you’re doing more
of whole foods, that’s it. So many different ways to eat. Then you could of course mix in and serve it with quinoa or brown rice. Yes, okay, so here’s our
beautiful rainbow pans. (upbeat music) So I’m going to now hop over to do the beef and cheddar cauliflower bake. I’m washing out one of my bowls. I feel like I’m being a
little too overly optimistic about the size of this bowl, because it’s one of my
bowls on the smaller end that we might outgrow pretty quickly. But I’m already here,
almost done rinsing it out. So we could give it a go and see if I can keep it contained. Zion is helping me. He’s wrapping up the
sausage and pepper bakes. I will say, whenever you do bakes, Zion’s going out now to take ’em. Thanks Zion. Whenever you do bakes, the wrapping, which prep work takes time,
putting it together takes time, but then you have to allow yourself time, which I always forget
this, to actually wrap it and then get it in the freezer. And whenever you’re managing
multiple meals going down, sometimes that little
bit of time is like, ah, just feels real draining. So I said, Zion, help your mama out. So he’s helping his mama out. Now we have, I had that bake, and then I’m doing this beef
and cheddar cauliflower bake, and then everything else
is gonna be bagged meals, but those were some prep work as well. So with this ground beef that I have here, it’s about eight or so pounds. Half of the ground beef is going to be set aside for the taco soup. Half of it is going in this beef and cheddar cauliflower bake. Yes and amen. So, of course, my dishes,
my dishes are a growing. That’s okay. I do, I wash things as we go, but then there’s some
items I don’t need again, and those are what gets stacked up. That bowl there could of
found its purpose again, but that’s okay. So this is the ground beef
that I did in the roaster. I’m going to get this into my
cute little medium size bowl. And then what else we
are going to put in this is I have, it’s also
another cute little thing. I like to get the big 52
ounce bags of cauliflower from Walmart. Of course, I think Costco usually, well, they have it in
bigger bags there too. But Walmart always has the broccoli, but this one Walmart where
I did my grocery pick up just had the smaller bags. So we’ll use several of those. We’re gonna put five eggs in it, and we’re going to put some heavy cream. We’re going to put cheese. We’re gonna put the cauliflower. And I’ll mix it all together and make wonderful things happen. Pour it in baking pans. Get it labeled. This meat has cooled now. And we’ll get labeled, get
it in the outside freezers. I haven’t filmed a large
family meals of the week probably for the last two weeks. And no real reason other than
I’ve been filming other things and sometimes it’s hard
to juggle multiple videos. ‘Cause some of ’em I do over many days. Anyway, just with all the shopping and the freezer cookin’
I’ve been getting done, I just said, I’ll just take
a two week break from doing the large family meals of the week videos, but those are coming back. And my next one that I do will
be with many of these meals. Also, with these meals, like I mentioned, all the recipes will be over
on LargeFamilyTable.com, and in process pictures. Always a question I get. Well it’s great when you make ’em, but what do you do with ’em ? So how I actually cook ’em and serve ’em, all of those will be over on the blog. Okay, so now I’m gonna add
in my little cutie pie, as we would call ’em, bags of cauliflower. I’m going to do four
of these 12 ounce bags. So that’ll be 48 ounces. But if you can get the big 52 ounce bag, then those four extra
ounces won’t hurt a bit. Going to put in two cups of heavy cream. So obviously, this is not one
of the dairy-free recipes. This should be a gluten-free recipe, but of course you always gotta, I’ve heard you have to
watch your cheese with that. I’m looking to see. Some cheeses I’ve heard they can be dusted with flour and such
to keep them from sticking. I don’t know all the rational behind it. Again, in our family,
we are not gluten-free, but I have some very close friends and their children who are. So, make sure that you’re using a cheese, if you do this recipe, that
is truly gluten-free as well. I’m going to do four cups of,
whew, shredded cheddar cheese. Now we are going to mix it
all up and get it in the pans. Here is what the beef and cheddar cauliflower
bake looks all mixed up. Again, that recipe will
be over on the blog too. Now I’m going to hopefully
get two pans full here. And I’m gonna just use my measuring cup, or not, or I’m gonna dump it. We’ll see. See how wild and crazy I’m feeling. There’s one. I think what happened
was when Zion got busy wrapping those other three pans for me, I moved down to this corner. I’m like, why am I way over here on this little counter space? No, honey, I’m talking to my
invisible friends in my camera. Kids are asking if I’m talking to them. Okay, so here are how
the two pans of the beef and cheddar cauliflower bakes look now. I’m gonna have my handy dandy
wrapping assistant come out and wrap these for me and
get ’em in the freezer. Yay. So it’s a brand new day. Does this even surprise you? So, so, full of hope, and we had a great day yesterday. Let this just be an
encouragement to you mamas that a man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his
steps and makes them sure. And I was telling myself that when I laid down with Benjamin
last night to nurse him and get him settled for bed. And then I just started
to go to sleep myself. So, I had Zion. I was like Zion come here. Come help your mama. And he packed up the
meat I had batch cooked, and the things that I had
out, and got ’em in bags, got ’em in the refrigerator for me, and he did the dishes. These are a few dishes left
and new dishes for the day. New day, new dishes. Any who, yeah, when my next
large family freezer meal packs come out that have a lot
of these recipes in them, cookin’ those recipes
will go a little smoother, but this go-round, as I’m
working out the kinks, this is just how it goes. So yesterday became a
freezer meal prep day. Mega freezer meal prep. And we batched, I’m reading my list, we batched cooked ground beef, did all the copping for
the peppers and the onions, I did those three
sausage and pepper bakes, and I did those two beef and
cheddar cauliflower bakes. Oh, and I did a ton of meatballs. So today, we are to the bag meals. So now we are gonna get
those bag meals going after. I’ve got half a cup of coffee left. And I’m gonna eat some lunch. We got our school and
stuff done this morning, some household things along with that. And so, Liam, Amelia, and Daniel are on the deck playing now. Got all their stuffed animals out there. We’ll think about that later. And other kids are doing
stuff in the house right now, and Benjamin is down for his nap. So it’s a good time to
get these finished today. And that’s how I do it. So because mom’s will say,
Jamerrill, I don’t know how I’m gonna get this
freezer cookin’ done. Well, you make you plan. You list it all out on your
white board what you wanna do, and then as kids come in, as
diner’s conversation runs long, and that’s my heart as a mama, is those opportunities when
things do go off the rails but in a positive way. You got a bunch of kids who wanna have some deep conversation, you
take those opportunities, right? Baby wants to snuggle extra snuggly. So when those times happen
around your cookin’, you follow your mama heart
and do what you have to do for your family, and then
you just adapt the food. So I’m adapting this food
on this brand new day. Still gonna get it done. Still getting all these
meals in the freezer. Go team go. (upbeat music) So the kids have been
joking about this chicken in this container today. It looks like some kind of (laughs). I think Naomi told Gabriel it
was a chicken brain in here. So it looks like some kind of
science experiment gone wrong. Now what this is is it’s the whole hen that I batch cooked in
the pressure cooker, and then when I ran out of steam, I had Zion put it in
this lovely container. I got this at the restaurant supply store when I went there with my friend Ashley from Large Family Management. She’s got a channel up
here on YouTube also. So anyway, these are super
convenient containers. So I got my chicken broth made though. Yay. I’m gonna pick the chicken
off the bones here too. I’m probably just gonna use the broth for the recipes I need, and
we’ll get back that chicken. I heard so many of you ask me about these little freezer meal bag stands. These are the coolest thing. I always have my link in the
description below for these. Anyway, you just clip
your bags on the side, and it holds ’em up nice and helpful. The bags can, depending
on how much you jam in ’em and weigh ’em down, which I’m the queen of jamming stuff up and weighing it down. The bags can start to slip. So I have clips that I put on top sometimes when I can
find ’em to reinforce. I’m just gonna take a moment here. Be a good little soldier
and get my bags labeled. (upbeat music) I’m thinking we’re gonna
start with the taco soup first because I have the ground
beef done for that. I have no idea why my kitchen
door is now left open, but I’m gonna close it. I got kids goin’ in and out. Weather report is it looks
like it’s gonna rain. So all the clothes
baskets of stuffed animals have now moved to the dining room. So I’m opening several
cans of diced tomatoes because we’re gonna need those anyway. I got rid of our can opener that I know. What honey? Get what you need. They’re now going back outside. You know how this works. It’s not raining. The sun’s shining. And I’m like, no, hold up. Hold up, wait a minute. We’re gonna be in the
band for hours tomorrow. Get your little selves
back out in the sunshine until I see considerable rain. You okay? You got your puppy? You got your bananas? And I gave him a whole bunch of bananas. We got a bunch of bananas, but he left it. Take those bananas. Daddy’s back and outside too. So let mama open these cans. Oh, I know, that’s what
I was gonna tell ya. So I got rid of the white can opener that was in all my old
videos that Travis and I got. Think we got it like right
after we got married. I remember going to Walmart
with like little wedding checks, little wedding gift money, and getting a few starter
apartment type things we needed. We got that can opener. It looked grubby after over 20 years, but it still worked, still
got all my little cans, my big cans. So I got this Black &
Decker about a year ago, and it fights me. And sometimes I just. And I got rid of my old,
good, trusty can opener, and I hate it when I do
little things like that. Like, even though it looked
grubby, I should have done that. And I remember my, one
granddad in particular, having can openers and
kitchen appliances that, I don’t know, had to have been
30 or so years old or older. The things still worked, but I remember ’em looking grubby. So I was just trying to not look grubby. But on days like today, I’m like, I should of kept my good
old trusty can opener. Because this ground beef
was cooked yesterday and put in the refrigerator, it just needs broken up a little bit. Then I’m gonna put it in these bags here. This is four pounds of
precooked ground beef. That way, the idea with this is that, whenever we want to have
slow cooker taco soup or instant pot taco soup,
the meat is already done, everything else is already in there, and it’s just one of those
like dump-and-go meals. And that is always helpful. And you think you don’t need ’em, but then when you have ’em. I know that’s how I’ll be. Oh, I don’t need ’em. Oh, I’ll cook every night. And I’m always so thankful to
have a ton of meals prepped and ready to go. Okay, I might be able to just
dump the rest of this in. It took a long time yesterday to get the ground beef
done in the roaster oven. I honestly could of done it
quicker on the stove top, but then I would of had
to of stood there with it and babysat it, and I. Babysat it, baby sit it. And didn’t wanna do that either. Oh, I’m gonna need to watch my time. So, the roaster oven was passive, and I like to use that
especially if I’m doing like 20 or 30 pounds of ground beef, or a bunch of chicken,
or something at one time. It’s really helpful for that. So we got in about two
pounds of ground beef in each of these bags. Now I’m going to put in a can
of diced tomatoes in each. Actually, I was going to use, I had some of the diced
tomatoes with green chilies. You can use, of course,
any diced tomatoes will do. And then I did have some beef broth, yay. Ready to go. I could of just poured
half of this in one bag and half of it in the other. I only realized that once I’m almost done. I’m gonna do a second can of
diced tomatoes in each bag. Shoot, I had something mix together I did not want mixed together. Well, it won’t hurt. During our pick up last night, the cilantro and the
onions got mixed together. Oops. So, might end up with some, a little cilantro in my taco
soup, but I won’t complain. We’ll pick around it, ’cause I had a totally different
recipe for that cilantro. That’s what happens in a real
life mama kitchen, right? Whoopsie. Gotta do my dry spices first before I get my minced garlic going. I’m doing a tablespoon of cumin in each. And then a tablespoon
of chili powder in each. That’ll make it very close to homemade taco seasoning flavor. And then I’m going to do a tablespoon of minced garlic in each. Then I’m gonna put a
bunch of these in each. And so, yes, this cheese will just melt all in the taco soup, but once the taco soup is done you could then put on
for each individual bowl, or on the pot of taco soup, you could put a little
bit more shredded cheese, and you could put on some sour cream. So here are both bags
of low-carb taco soup that’ll go in the freezer. So now, I’m looking at my
meatballs, and I’m thinking, I must be missing a pack of meatballs, or I didn’t make as many as I needed to. So, I’m only going to get one of these red pepper meatball meals done, because we like a lot of meatballs, and I’m eyeballing these and I’m thinking, well that’s only enough for one bag. Now I just realized I
wrote on another bag, and I’m removing the
meatballs from one bag and putting them in another bag. I guess I could of used the same bag. Oh well, that’s how the
cookie crumbles sometimes. – [Kid] Mommy? – Yes. (kid talking) Is that your banana peels. – [Kid] Yeah, do banana peels melt? – No they don’t melt, sweetie. – Okay. Oh, look like milk. – What you doin’? Oh, yeah, does it look yummy? The heavy cream, it’s got a picture of strawberry shortcake on it. Red pepper meatballs. Serve it over cauli rice. Serve it over brown rice. Here you go. Now these next two soups
that we’re gonna do, one is gonna be a
low-carb broccoli cheddar, and then the other one is
a cheesy cauliflower soup. So with either of these, you’re gonna see. We’re gonna put the stuff in the bag. Then of course when you wanna cook it, like all of these meals,
you’re gonna thaw it in the refrigerator the night before. Dump it in my slow cooker the
next morning, the next day, at lunch time, at some point. Anyway, when it gets close to
it’s cooking time being done, I’ve been using my immersion
blender more and more. I’ll show you the $20 one I picked up. Then I just stick my blender in there and give it a little whirl, and it whips everything up nicely. So here’s the, it’s a Hamilton Beach. So far, it has worked well. It is one of those items that
I think I got over a year ago in a grocery hall or this
Walmart grocer pickup orders. I saw it, and I’m like, oh,
I could probably use that. But it’s really just been in recent months that I’ve been getting
some good use out of it. So this is the little attachment that I’ve been using
whenever I whip up soups. There is also this
little whisk attachment, and this, as we were talking
about kitchen items earlier, this has turned out to be convenient and useful for me so far. I’ve been using it. I’ve been talking to it. I’ve been getting to know it. So, I will try to link one of
these for you guys as well. I’m gonna do this
broccoli cheddar soup now. Okay, I’m gonna start
dropping my broccoli in. So this is just half a
stick of butter in each bag. Then we’re going to put half a block of creme cheese in each bag, and then three cups of
heavy cream in each bag, and then some chicken broth. So here is what it looks like in the bag. Gonna get it all sealed up now. Yay, we’re back at it. You wouldn’t know in YouTube
time, I actually took a break, went and did some other things. Now I’m back. Getting back, gonna get this done. Okay, so now we’re gonna
do the cheesy cauliflower. (upbeat music) Okay, so here are both of the low-carb cheesy cauliflower soups that
are goin’ in the freezer too. I’m going to do the peppered lemon chicken and the chicken cilantro
lime here in a moment. Since I had a little mix up with the cilantro and the onions, which I mean, I guess
onions could go in that, I just haven’t put onions in it before. But I’m gonna pick out the
cilantro pieces from that bag. But I also have some dried cilantro. So I thought I might just get creative and mix it up a little bit. And with the chicken cilantro line, it’s great to mix up and then have on, of course if you do a low-carb, it could be on low-carb wraps. It could be on lettuce wraps. It could be on salad. The kids, of course, would
have it on tacos, taco shells. You could have it over
quinoa, rice, over cauli rice. It’s just a good flavorful chicken to have and use for many different things. And then many times, the
chicken that I’m working with, when I do these kind of bone, bones, yeah, do these kind of meals. It’s just already frozen
from a bag from Walmart. I don’t take the time,
of course, to defrost it. Sometimes I will get chicken from Aldi’s that hasn’t been frozen yet,
and that looks prettier. But this is real life mama, throw and go, freezer meal cookin’, right? But we don’t mind. And this is a 10 pound bag of chicken, and I just divide it up
between the three bags. I’m adding in the lime juice. I did have some onion in
this and the cilantro. So if something is mixed, we are saved. It’s okay. So now we’re gonna do our
peppered lemon chicken. I have three kids cleaning up outside now, and then they were gonna
come in, wash their hands, and work on their bedrooms. They’ve been playing all day. They wanna know, what do
they have to do to come in? And I said, pick up everything
outside, wash your hands, and go upstairs and pick up your bedrooms, and then you can be in. (upbeat music) Okay, that’s it. We did it. Sun is still a shining. Well, it’s 5:48, but
yay to the time change and the sun’s staying
out longer, right Amelia? Amelia’s having some yogurts. So if you want these recipes to make these 20 healthy freezer meals, head over to LargeFamilyTable.com. The link will be down at
the description below. And you’ll not only see
the end process pictures, but you’ll see pictures
of what it looks like when we actually cook ’em up and eat ’em. Thank you for encouraging
me as I do all this cookin’, and thank you for sticking with me. So now, I’m going to take
a rest with Benjamin, and then we’re making protein
bites and granola bars that can also go in the freezer, and a whole bunch of
make-ahead sandwiches, getting ready for our field trip to Washington D.C. tomorrow
that you keep hearing about, and just to have in the
freezer for all those days that we really need ’em. Okay friends, I’ll talk to
you in those comments below. Bye bye.