– Good lamb~ You won’t be hot after sheared – You gonna much cooler after sheared – Cooler, right? You are a nice and clean lamb baby now Water bamboo shoot Medium boiled Salted overnight Soaking in cold water Drying bamboo shoots
[ use bamboo sticks to make a shelf, light fire underneath, flip it frequently during the drying ] Spicy chicken with bamboo shoots Pork& bamboo shoots Shumai Chinese sauerkraut& bamboo shoots stir-fry Stored in a dry place, Sealed tight Ginger/ Garlic/ Bean paste Pickled 1 week, sealed tight One week later · Morning Time to eat~ Rinse the bamboo shoot well under water 1 hour fermentation “Dry bamboo shoot” cook well, then soak in cold water Szechuan peppercorn bamboo shoot Meat filling/ bamboo shoot/ shiitake/ Scallion Sesame oil/ Salt/ Soy sause, vinegar/ Egg white Dry bamboo shoot& cured ham stir-fry Dragon’s beard bamboo shoot& Silkie Chicken soup – Eat bun~
Pork& Dry bamboo shoot Bun