Pig foot soup, you can also use pigskin instead Refrigerate in the refrigerator for 4 hours and it will freeze Flour, 200g Pour in warm water. Don’t pour too much at a time. Pour in gradually Stir Knead into dough Rub for about 10 minutes until the surface is smooth Like this 250g pork, preferably multicolored pork chop up meat What I’m doing here is meat stuffing, you can add some vegetables, such as carrots, according to your preference Cut a little ginger and chop it up. If you don’t like ginger, you can also skip it Sprinkle some salt Add a little rice wine to make the meat fresh and tender Add a little pepper Add an egg Stir to make it mixed evenly Take the pig’s feet frozen or the pig skin jelly Look, it’s like jelly Chopping Cut it in this way Together with chopped meat Continue stirring Refrigerate the minced meat for 30 minutes Start making steamed buns Rub the dough Kneaded like this, it’s like a stick Cut evenly, about 50g each Every dough is dipped with a little flour Press small dough into steamed bun skin with a rolling pin It’s almost like this Take out the frozen meat stuffing Put the meat filling in the steamed bun skin Fold up the edges of the steamed bun skin Fold a circle and seal it. It’s shaped like this Spread a cloth over the steamer to prevent steamed buns from sticking to the pot Put it in the pot, cold water into the pot Cook for 20 minutes Succeed A pot of delicious and sweet soup-filling bag is ready It seems all right Eat a mouthful of tender juicy