– Hey there, new video time. If you’re new here, my name is Jamerrill. This is Large Family Table. I help mommas feed all their people. There’s always a lot of
food going on around here. We’re a family of 10, and
we eat all day every day, like everybody else,
only there’s a lot of us. Several years ago, I did a video that I called stir-fry fried rice, and many mommas have made that
big large family bulk meal and loved it and their
kiddos have loved it. We’ve loved it, and it
has been a favorite. Now see, I’m not cooking right now. Right now, for a few seconds
is what it’ll seem like in video time, but
really it’ll be all day, we’re getting ready to go over the river and through the woods to
spend four or five hours at the lake, ’cause there’s supposed to be some rain later this afternoon. Anyway, when I get home tonight, I am going to make the cauli rice version of stir-fry fried rice. I’ve got a whole chicken
in the slow cooker now, so when we get back this evening, that will be done as our protein. I’ve got some bags of already chopped up coleslaw mix from Aldi. I got two pounds of this, and then I have a bag of
frozen stir-fry vegetables. So, it’s gonna go down
as soon as I get back. Let me show you the chicken
in the slow cooker first. It is on high, and it
is just gonna sit here and like it, but when I get home tonight, it will be done. Super easy to get a chicken. I probably need to do a whole chicken in the slow cooker video, but I do it about four to five hours on high, so by the time we get back
home, yay, it’ll be done. Even if we’re not home at that exact time, my husband will be home,
and he can take care of it till I get home. And just like that, it’s
another day in my kitchen. Same silly hat, ’cause we’ve been out and playing all day. What happened with that
chicken in the slow cooker? Well, we got home last
night from the lake, had some other stuff come up, and so, we just ate that chicken that cooked in the slow cooker all day. It was not prepped for this
stir-fry cauli riced meal, but I still wanted to just
tell you what happened. We have been out with three
or four other families at a wonderful park all day today. We’ve got a little bit of
time recovering from playing to then flip it around to go
to Taekwondo to eat dinner. So, I am determined to get this
filmed for you all tonight. All I have chicken-wise, now
see if I was on top of my game, because we ate the other
chicken last night, I would’ve had another
chicken going all day. Some days, mommas, you just
don’t have it all together, and you keep on rolling. So, I have one of my
slow cooker freezer meals that’s a bunch of chicken, and I’m gonna use that chicken
and cook it up for this. I’m gonna show you my
big mountain of stuff that we’re gonna use in this
stir-fry cauli rice recipe. Here we go. So, we’re gonna use an onion. Now, I would just use
my ginger from a can, but we’re using real
ginger, gonna chop that up. There’s my chicken we’re gonna use. We’ve got two bags of
this tri-colored coleslaw. You can, of course, cut yourself
down a whole green cabbage and a whole purple cabbage and put in a few little carrot
matchsticks they’re called, but this is what I have. I have four bags of cauli rice, and so many of my kids love it, but I’m gonna use all of it today. And then I have a five-pound bag of vegetable stir-fry blend. My plan is to use half of this. We’ll see though. You know how my recipes
grow when I get cooking. We have some sesame oil. We have garlic powder, and
then I would use a whole cup of Bragg Liquid Aminos, but I don’t think I have a whole cup left, but look, I have coconut aminos. It’s a soy sauce replacement. You can also use a regular
old cup of soy sauce, but this is what I’m going to use in this stir-fry fried rice. This is also a Trim Healthy
Mama Friendly S Meal. Yay, and it’s also low-carb and
would also be keto friendly, but of course, you’ve gotta
calculate all your macros. You’re in charge of your
mackerels, (laughs) mackerels, yeah, your mackerels and your macros. Some momma’s been eating
some pork rinds too and drinking all that water. So, here we go, let’s get cooking. So, continuing on with our do as I say not as I do tradition, besides
cooking a whole chicken, which I didn’t get done and
I don’t have time for now, I did pull my InstaPot out. Sorry, I’m trying to get a lid here. I was going to do a chicken
in the pressure cooker when I got home and still
wasn’t enough time for that. Now, again, this is not the recipe. Don’t do this, okay. I’m just telling you, like
real life what’s happening. I had one of my chicken
fajita slow cooker meals, and so, that means it’s got
tomato paste and some spices that should not go along
with stir-fry fried rice, but I don’t have any other chicken. So, just pretend like I’m not using this. We’re just using regular
chicken, nothing else. Nothing to see here folks, nothing to see. But I think I can scrape some of this off and make it all work and no
one will know, except you know, so don’t tell. Okay, so I’ve got the onion
and the ginger chopped up best I could figure out, and I’m gonna just go ahead
and slide these in the pan with the chicken. So, here we go. And because I wanna get
this show on the road, quite literally, like I
said Taekwondo’s a-coming. I’ve gone ahead, I’ve moved
my chicken to the back burner, ’cause I figure even if it takes a little bit longer it’s okay. I’m gonna start working with the veggies. What I’m gonna use is my
five-quart cast iron Dutch oven, not using it for any
other particular reason other than I can get it on my stove, and I think I can fit most
of these veggies in there. That’s the only science
going on with that. (light guitar music) I think what we’re gonna
do space saving-wise is since I am, I have and I will continue to fill this Dutch oven, once the chicken is
done, I may end up doing what we’re gonna take
from this vegetable blend, and I’m planning two, 2
1/2 pounds, we’ll see. I just like to get in as much as possible. So, I probably will end up cooking this with the chicken once the
chicken is fully cooked, and then I’m gonna try to get
the rest of the coleslaw mix in the Dutch oven with all the cauli rice. Now, I just put in, it’s
probably about 1/4 of a cup of the Braggs, just because I had it left, but the rest of what I’m going
to use is this coconut aminos and then the sesame oil. I’m also gonna put in some
garlic powder, salt and pepper. Like I said, I would’ve
used ground ginger, but I just used a nice
little chunk of ginger and diced that up well. And if I’m truly doing
the low-carb version of my stir-fry fried rice, Jamerrill large family cooking concoction that I shared on here on
YouTube many years ago, when I made that, the big
difference is I used brown rice. Travis likes some eggs
within it, which is similar to if you think of traditional fried rice. Lots of times when I
eat fried rice takeout, there is egg in it. And then, we mix it all together. So, I do need to get a couple eggs going. I forgot to say that in the beginning, but that’s okay. We’re gonna get them going
in a little pan right now. I’m gonna fry up six eggs. Once I fry those up, we break ’em down into small little pieces,
so they spread throughout. This is classic Jamerrill, a super mega large
family recipe going down. So, don’t be shocked by six eggs. If this was like a little
recipe for two people, you use one, right, but
we’re cooking for 10. So, here we go. (light guitar music) Okay, so, I’m going to add
in the coconut aminos now. So, meat-wise for this
large family recipe, I would’ve used the
chicken from a whole hen. That would’ve been
about four pounds or so. Eyeballing what was in my bag from the slow cooker meal is only about 2 1/2 pounds of chicken. So, just so you know,
the recipe’ll be down in the description below for how I would’ve liked to have made it, and you’re seeing how it’s going down now. I would’ve put in some
more chicken, however, that’s the fantastic thing. You can customize this. You can use less meat. You can use more meat. You can double all this if you want to. Sausage would be really good. It’s excellent with pork. Make it your own, but a little bit of chicken is
what I’m working with today. Chicken’s almost done. Then, we’re gonna add in
those mixed vegetables. I’m just gonna go ahead,
as you see, as I have done, and add the egg in, so that
can cook with the sauces. Okay, so, time is running out, and this happens to me. Sometimes I have to, unless
it’s a slow cooker meal or whatever, if I try to cook on a night when we have an activity in the evening, I run out of time. I don’t know where it goes. So, I’m gonna go get
into my Taekwondo stuff, but I’m gonna let this chicken still cook and when I get back, hopefully
I can pull al this together. So, one extreme to another. Hat to bald head, and so, now
this chicken should be done, so I’m gonna work on chopping this up and getting the vegetables in with it. (light music) So, this is another little
large family table reality. We got kids sitting around having turkey and cheese sandwiches or classic Stewart family peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches, ’cause we have to go in like 14 minutes. So, this should be done. My plan for now is I’m
going to take a bowl and eat it on the way. Travis is driving us, and I
like it when he drives us, ’cause that gives me like 25,
30 minutes to do something like my dinner on the way. But then when we get home,
everyone else will have this. You all know with evening activities, excuse me while I scratch my head, evening activities and on-the-go stuff is just how dinner ends
up going some nights. And we could’ve had cereal, but we’re not. So, yay for sandwiches saving the day. Now, here’s how to make this dinner. Good news is even though we were low on the amount of chicken I
would have liked to have put in, I was able to get in almost all of this 5 1/5 pound bag of mixed veggies. So, I would say, we got one little hard
piece of veggies left. I’ve probably got five pounds in. So, that’s good. Also in the fridge from last night whatever we ended up eating that chicken that I cooked in the slow cooker. I got a little bit of cauli
rice left from last night. Like I say, we really enjoy it, but I’m gonna dump this
in, because it’s a way to use up a leftover, which
is always a good idea. Yes you can, I like both. We’re having a big discussion
on liking mayonnaise and mustard, and Manny just
said you can’t like both, but I’m saying you can, right. But we do have mayonnaise
and mustard teams at our house. We have some kids who
just like mayonnaise. We have some kids who just like mustard, and then we have a few unicorns, such as myself who like both. I don’t have one thing
offhand that I can find or think of to put all of this in, so I’m gonna put ’em in these
two Pioneer Woman bowls. Jamerrill eyeballing school tells me that this will work. In this pack of the stir-fry vegetables, there were carrots. There were some carrots. So, obviously if you’re
watching your carbs, if you’re trying to stick
more in the S meals, or if you’re doing keto, you
wanna watch your carrots. I figure for this big
amount and for a small bowl, I wasn’t gonna worry about it too much. Okay, so there we go. We did fit it in this great
big Pioneer Woman bowl. Looks fantastic, looks like
stir-fry fried rice to me, only it’s made with cauli rice, yay. So now, let’s put it in a
bowl and head to Taekwondo. So, we’re all getting all geared-up to go. I’m gonna eat this as we
drive over the mountain. What can go wrong? So, we made it to Taekwondo, and as far as my dinner on the run, I think I scraped that bowl clean. So, as always, you can look down in the link of the description below for the full details on this recipe. If you followed along with this, then you must want more. So, go ahead and click on
this playlist over here and you’ll see some of my real ridiculous, silly cooking antics over the years, such as freezer cooking
with a towel on my head, with hair color on my head,
with hats, with no hats. Click right here, keep on watching. It’s all good. Talk to you in those comments below. Bye-bye.