Namaskar. How are you? Hope all are doing good. Here all of us are fine. Today I am here with a combination of puttu, green gram curry and banana combination. I know that many of you do make these. I shall show you how I make it. Avi puttu is something close to my heart. Usually we make it in tall pan. But my mother makes it in idly vessel The benefit is that you can make more in one go. When you make two batches, it would be enough for a family Its easy to make and tasty too. All of you do try it out. My green gram curry is also my Mothers recipe. Its our Trissur special style of making. I thought I shall show it as a combo. Its done by almost all. I have not done a curry with green gram too. I thought I shall show with puttu. I have taken 1 glass green gram here. I soaked it for 2 hours. Its optional. If you want you can cook it as it is. Just to make it faster and if you have time, you can soak it. Add salt to the 1 glass green gram. Now add water to it. Adding 2 glasses of water to this. Now place this on medium flame and cook it for 1 whistle. Once the steam goes completely, we shall open and see. Close and keep it to cook. By the time the beans get cooked, I shall make the puttu. I am using Double horse rice flour here. Let me see how it is and shall tell you. What I usually get from home is over now. Should get it now. Take 1 glass rice flour and keep aside. Take 3-4tbsp grated coconut in a bowl. Some people dont add coconut with rice flour when mixing. But we add coconut with rice flour. If you dont like it that way, then you can avoid it. Now add salt as needed to the coconut. Do not add much of salt. Mix this well. Here for 1 glass rice flour, we will be using 1 glass water. Thats how its mentioned on the rice flour pack. Lets see how correct it comes. This is not a promotional video. I bought this for the first time and trying it. Just sharing what I am using. I am pouring little less than 1 glass water here. Now I poured 2tbsp less than 1 glass water. Mix it well. Keep it closed for 10mts. By then the water will get absorbed and will be ready to make puttu. Now lets keep this closed. I used plain water here and not hot water. After 10mts see how it is. All the water we poured into the rice flour has been absorbed. No need to add any more water to this. Today I am going to show you how to make it without moulds. Everybody need not have moulds. I shall show you how such people can make puttu. It wont have any shape. We will anyways break it down before eating. So shape doesnt matter. I think this will help bachelors I shall show you how I make it. I am adding 2 pinches of sugar to this. Our green gram is cooked after one whistle. Opened it now after the steam went. Now I am going to show you how to make it without a mould. Take a small vessel like this. I only have this small strainer with me. Since it has big holes, I kept a leaf on it. When we make it on a leaf, it gives a special aroma to the dish. You can even use a baking sheet Make small holes on the baking sheet for steam to get in through it. Now lets put the rice flour mix into this. I am going to steat it over this dish. You can steam it in any vessel you want or even the normal idly pan. There would be people who dont have it Such people can use any deep dish they have. I am using this one of mine. I fillied it 1/4 with water I am doing this to make it filled with weight. If you dish is heavy, then no need to fill in water I have used a high quality glass bowl here. It wont break. You can use any you have. We will be keeping our steaming dish over it like this. Lets add the flour mix into it. This was my mothers usual recipe. She used to call it steam puttu. We can make more like this in one go. Sprinkle some coconut over this too. No need to look at the shape I mixed little sugar. It gives a special taste. Its optional. Switch on the flame to high. Cover after steam comes When the steam comes out well, close it and cook. Never keep lots of water. Otherwise the water will drip into the flour mix and will turn out to be mashy. Many tell me that their dish has become wet. Always take water only 1/4 of the vessel. I kept very little water in the pan and the glass dish. Be careful with that. Too much of water spoils the dish. Lets close and cook for 10mts. Now after 10mts, lets take the dish out of the pan. In 10mts we got nice soft puttu. If you feel its more to cook, keep it for a while more. Lots of olden memories. Took me to my mothers dishes. You can use a pan like this if you have. You can make awesome puttu in this manner too. Lets make our green gram curry and banana in the microwave. I had shown before how to cook bananas in the oven. Lets put the rest of the mix into a casserole. You can use it anytime you want. You can make upmavu or even steam it in the morning have. You can have it in the evenings too. You can steam the rest of the rice flour or make it the normal way too. I showed this method for those who dont have moulds. There is nothing much to show in this curry. I am making it the same way like we did the other beans. I have added 2tbsp coconut oil to the pan. The curry we get at schools dont have red chillies. You can make it that way too. But I make it mostly this way. I shall show you the other method another day. Add sliced or crushed 5-6 shallots. Only if you dont have shallots, use onions. Add some curry leaves too. Saute this well and only then add crushed red chillies to it. If you dont have crushed chillies, add red chilli powder.. If you want you can add green chillies or garlic. People who have gas issues can add 2 cloves of garlic to this. I never add garlic to this. Those who like it may add. Many find it a problem having green gram as gas issues Garlic is good for that. But not necessary that all should like the flavour of garlic. Once it is well sauted, add 2tsp of crushed chilli flakes or 1tsp chilli powder. Its a spicy curry and we will be using it as a gravy. Let the chilli get cooked. Once the raw smell goes we shall add the cooked green gram to it. Now lets add the beans to it. If you want you can make it dry and add some coconut to it. I have already posted the video of that. But since this is a curry, I am not adding coconut to it. Now mix the beans and the masala. I am adding some water to it because its a gravy. I am adding 1.5 glasses of water more. Add salt and then taste and see. Let it boil for 5mts and then off it. Thats it with our curry. It should be seen like this. It shouldnt me too mashy. But should be well cooked too The benefit of this curry is that it gets cooked fast. Red beans take longer time to cook. You must soak it. Adding little more salt. It is spicy. Now our curry has boiled well. I am switching the gas off. Everything is perfect, the spice and salt. This loose consistency is when you should off it. It will thicken as it stays. Otherwise it will become very thick if you off it when its more thick. So stop at the consistency of gravy. This is how we like it here. You can change as you like. I have put the steamed puttu to a leaf on a plate. I cooked the bananas in the microwave. You can use normal bananas if you want. My son mixes the puttu with bananas and the curry and has it. I had shown in an old video of mine, my cousin brother likes that combination. Everybody has their own taste You can try the combination you like. Let me take some curry in a small bowl and take pictures and come. Our beans curry, bananas are all ready. Let me remove the skin. I didnt remove it earlier to take pics. Let me eat some now. Pouring the curry over the puttu. If there is little sugar too, then its awesome. Have all together with the bananas. Those who have eaten this and not eaten it do have it again. All of you do try it out and let me know your feedback. Until we meet with my next recipe, thank you. We are returning after seeing the movie Anjam Pathira. Its a good one. Nandu and Avi liked it. They said they wouldnt watch malayalam movies. We forced them to watch it. Nandu liked the movie? We wont say the story or climax