hello friends welcome to BHAGYA TV in this video we are going to see how to prepare pigeon peas upsaru and pigeon peas palya it is very enjoying with ragi ball in this cold weather now we will see the ingridients required to prepare pigeon peas thogari kalu 1/4 kg 4 tbsp coconut 1 big onion chopped 1 garlic curry leaves little coriander a little green chillies 8-10 1 lemon sized tamarind 2 tbsp oil mustard seeds little 4 clove garlic , 4 red chillies 5-6 pepper salt to taste these were the ingredients required add pigeon peas add green chillies add salt add 2 glasses of water close the lid wait for 2 whistles 1 2 now two whistles are over lit it cool now the cooker is cooled completely now we will open the lid here you can see pigeon peas is boiled completely separate water from pigeon peas separate chillies from boiled pigeon peas take out a little boiled pigeon peas these things are used while grinding from these gram we can prepare palya the separated water is used for preparing sambar now we will grind the masala required add chillies and pigeon peas add garlic add tamarind add pepper add half of the coriander taken add little water grind them smooth now add this paste to [pigeon peas] boiled water and boil for 5 minutes add the paste to hot sieved water add water to jar and again add mix well boil this on medium flame for 5 minutes you can see how the sambar is boiling you can enjoy the fragrance of this sambar like an others mix for a while now it is boiled for 5 minutes now the sambar is ready now we will prepare pigeon peas palya heat the kadai add oil to hot kadai add mustard seeds wait until they crack add 1 garlic add chillies add curry leaves fry for 30 seconds add onions and fry for 3-4 minutes keep it on low flame add pigeon peas and fry for 1 minute add grated coconut and mix add coriander turn the flame off and mix