So Hello, and welcome to our Channel Today we’re going to show you a 30 years old pickle shop in Bongaon. “Adi Roy Special Achaar” Here they have really really huge collection of different types of Indian Desi Achaar We will see all those and try some. Lets see then! So what you’re recommending us? which would be better? Try the mixed one. ok. give me that.. so we are trying the mixed one as his recommendation. time to taste this. Pickle means so delicious. its sour, spicy and sweet at the same time How old is this stall? over 18 years. You have any other branch of this stall? Yeah. 3. Beside the Hiralal Singh’s Statue 3 in Total? another one is beside the Ghosh School. And we also go to the seasonal fairs in different places. Like kalyan Garh, Banipur etc. [Location : Please see the description box for accurate location] You all can visit here. Really good place How do you prepare these pickles? We always maintain cleanliness. we use big kadhai (pot) to cook the pickles. you were were talking about the dry chalta (elephant apple) pickle the special one here I want to try that too. this one is called “Dry Chalta” or Elephant apple fruit Pickle. lets try this as it is the special here. good…good.. it will automatically become special when done by someone with 30 years of experience. you should come and try this definitely. and one more thing they also have packed pickles. its mango pickle of about 250g. costing around Rs. 60 I’m now tasting the mango pickle. lets see how is it. wait. what is it? its red chili pickle kashmiri or shimla? looking delicious. give me one piece. just one small piece. its full of spices. Oh I was wrong. it was supposed to eat with rice or parathas. now lets talk about the prices. we could not taste all. as they have lots of different varieties. price may change in different times. what is your store timing? he would be available between 10am-5pm.