Hi my lovely friends Popular indian recipe Everyone has demanded this recipe Punjabi Samosa Market style or Halwai style Crispy and cruchy from outside Will share all tips tips and tricks along side Do watch till the end Lets get started 2 cups maida around 250 gms 1/2 spoon salt 1/4 spoon ajwain Mix well 4-5 table spoon ghee Mix well Will give a nice crust on top 2 cups maida use 4-5 table spoons of ghee Check the consistency Add water little by little Dough should be little hard Put little oil Cover with damp cloth and keep aside About 20-30 mins 1 table spoon oil 1/2 spoon hing 1 spoon jeera 1 spoon dhaniya seeds 1/2 spoon saunf Mix well 1 table spoon ginger 2 green chillies finely cut Mix well 1/2 cup green mutter Use either frozen or boiled Mix for around 1-2 mins Lower the gas flame 1/2 spoon red chilly powder 1/2 spoon dhaniya powder 1/2 spoon jeera powder 1/2 spoon amchur powder 1/2 spoon garam masala 1/4 spoon black pepper powder Little salt to taste Sprinkle water on low flame 4-5 boiled potatoes little turmeric Little salt on top Mix well Fresh coriander or dhaniya Mix these well We need bit dry filling Keep it aside Take one portion in hand Flatten it on top Little oil on platform Do not make it very thin We need oval shaped Check the thickness Cut from middle Apply water on top section Overlap it from top Press it on top Ensure it it stuck well Make it into cone shape Fill in the masala Press it on top with hands Put water on all sides Make a fold Start pressing it from sides Ensure it is closed well Looks to be in perfect shape 🙂 Make the other samosas ready in similar fashion Do it for rest in similar way My all samosas looks ready now Keep it in fridge to make samosas very crispy For 25-30 mins Samosas will set well Heat Oil in a wok On medium flame Now once heated lower the gas flame Put samosas 1 at a time First batch is in Little bubbles coming out After 2-3 mins there are more bubbles on top Keep on low flame only Let it fry from all sides properly Gives a nice golden brown color will take 8-9 mins for 1 batch frying After 9 mins samosas have become even brown on all sides Remove it on kitchen towel Fry remaining batch as well I have fried little green chillies along side with it Color looks so good Perfect crispy on outside Looks so crispy and crunchy Juicy from inside and crunchy outside Enjoy with some hot chutney or dip Enjoy it piping hot with your guests and family 🙂 I hope you enjoyed todays video Please do smash the like button…as many times… Share the recipe with 20-30 friends on whatsapp groups Subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon To receive all notifications I will see you soon.. Take good care of yourself…. Happy Cooking…Bye Bye!!!!