Hi everybody,
welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani with Sonali. Many a time we have
left over buns at home. Then question arise, that what
should we do with this left over buns. So, today I am going to show you
a different recipe,”Masala Pav”. Let’s start with Masala. So, first I am taking some Butter. We have 2 tbsp butter. Now, we’ll add garlic paste. 2 tsp. Now, we’ll add onion. I have taken 1 finely chopped onion. Now, we’ll add 1 finely chopped Capsicum. Next, we’ll add tomato. This are 4 finely chopped tomatoes. Now, I am adding Pav bhaji masala to this. I have taken 2 tsp, if you need more
you can add accordingly. This is red chilli powder,
I am adding 2 tsp. I have taken Kashmiri red chilli powder,
which gives us good colour. Let’s mix it properly. Now, let’s add salt for taste. But, I am adding little less salt to it,
as we have already added butter. Approximately, 1/2 tsp. Now let’s lightly mash this.
Not too much, just lightly mash it. Now, we’ll make our bread ready.
So, let’s take some butter. Now, we’ll put this bhaji on bread. Apply some masala to the upper part as well. In a same way, let’s make
another bread. Our masala pav is ready. This is fast and 5 minutes recipe. So, try and surely give me your feedback. For such simple recipes
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