Namaskar Welcome to Today we will prepare the caramelized custard. This is a traditional desert Cooking it is a quick process It requires less ingredients also. Serve it chilled. Chilled custard is very tasty. Come lets start preparing it. First caramelized the sugar to prepare the custard. Take 1/4th cup of sugar. Put it in a pan. Continiously stir it to melt it. Keep the flame on high. Sugar is mildly melting. Stir the sugar continiously. Melt the whole sugar in the pan. The sugar has melted properly. We require the melted sugar in light brown colour. As we can see light brown colour is there. Switch off the flame. Pour the caramelized sugar in the bowl. Leave the caramelized sugar aside to set. The hot water is required to prepare the custard Place the water to heat. Take 3-4 cup of water in a utensil Now we will prepare the mixture for the caramel custard. Take 4 tbsp of custard powder. Take 3/4th cup of milk. Mix the custard powder in the milk without creating lumps. We mixed the custard powder properly. Mix the whole milk in it. We used the boiled milk which we cooled down. Take 3/4 cup of curd It is a whisked curd. Add and mix the curd in it. Add the 3/4th cup of condensed milk in it. We added all the 3 ingredients in same quantity. 3/4th cup of milk 3/4th cup of curd 3/4th cup of condensed milk. We are not adding sugar in it as condensed milk is already consist of sugar. You can increase the sugar according to your taste. Add 1/2 tsp of vanila essence. Mix all the ingredients well. The mixture is ready. We can mix all the ingredients in the mixture jar also. Water has heated, there is steam in the water. We don’t need the boiling water. Moderately heated water is enough. The Cramalized sugar has set in the bowl. Add the mixture over the caramalized sugar. Place that bowl in the vessel in which there is heated water. The level of water should be 1/2 of the level of the bowl. Take the water by measuring. Cover and cook it for 15 minutes on the low-medium flame. Check it after 15 minutes. 15 minutes have passed We will check it. Stir the bowl to check
the custard, like this. When it will be properly
cooked it won’t move. It is uncooked for now. Cover it again Cook it on low-medium
flame for the 10 minutes. Check the custard again It appears solid. We can check it y pressing the spoon. Switch off the flame. It takes 25 minutes to cook. Take it out and place it
on the stand to cool down. Charamel custard has cool down. Take it out of the bowl Separate it from the bowl using the knife. Keep the plate upside down on it and flip it like this. Dab it with the hands. The caramel custard is ready. Keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Serve it chilled. It is very tasty. You can keep it in the fridge
and consume it for 4-5 days. It is really easy to prepare. When you’ll caramalize the sugar be concious that flame is high. Keep on stirring it to carmalize the sugar. Sugar should not burn, be
attentive regarding the colour. Your caramel custard will be really tasty. We will meet again along with a new recipe. Do subscribe to my channel.