hello friends Namaste this is IMtv channel and I, Oleg this is #73 video
and I, Oleg this is #73 video of my India vlog telling about my travels to this mysterious and interesting country
telling about my travels to this mysterious and interesting country This video is about Indian street and not so street food because Indian food is one of the reasons why I come to India Although India is not a heavenly place but definitely, it’s a paradise for a vegetarian
Although India is not a heavenly place but definitely, it’s a paradise for a vegetarian But india is good not only for a vegetarian but also for people with classic culinary habits With some restrictions of cause Most likely, you can not find the cow’s meat In the rest there are no problems with meat this is one of the myths that most of the Indians are vegetarians same as that myths that all Indians are Yogis..
this is one of the myths that most of the Indians are vegetarians same as that myths that all Indians are Yogis.. no doubt, in India there are more vegetarians than in any other country There are about 60 percent
no doubt, in India there are more vegetarians than in any other country There are about 60 percent But if you count the remaining 40 percent of non-vegetarians we will see that non-vegetarians in India are several times larger than the population of the Russia In fact, this video will be out of the time sequence of my block It will be an assembly about food from different moments of travel Maybe there are some frames you’ve already seen
from different moments of travel Maybe there are some frames you’ve already seen or will see later Some time ago I already made such video Of course today’s movie will not copy the old video’s scenes about Indian food. So, I wish you all bon appétit It’s a Punjab Sweet Corner this is a very popular place in the heart of a huge market of Karol Bagh In the Indian capital of New Delhi This is the street part of the restaurant there is a usual restaurant on the second floor Where you sit, make an order and eat
there is a usual restaurant on the second floor Where you sit, make an order and eat But this place is so popular among the local people that sometimes you need to wait 10 to 20 minutes when the seat at the table is vacant But if you do not want to wait you can always eat here at the street side of the restaurant It’s not less tasty here and very exotic If you see a restaurant in which many local people You can eat there and never regret it Everything is very tasty here this is North Indian cuisine The spice aroma from this sauce is awesome It’s unlikely you’ll try it anywhere in Europe Here are fresh spices and real Indian chefs and quality products It’s pies called samosа very popular street food in India And this, I do not know what it is but it looks appetizing Maybe it’s some sweets Indian sweets are always prepared with cow’s milk and Ghi The street side of the restaurant is an Indian fast food The food here is varied enough
is an Indian fast food The food here is varied enough and cooked with Indian sophistication It’s noodles fried with vegetables
and cooked with Indian sophistication It’s noodles fried with vegetables See, they add some balls and sauces Even if you are not hungry, you will not pass by it is clean and neat enough нere employees are dressed in uniforms System is common for all fast foods You choose a dish, pay a check Order is transferred to employees And they collect for you your order Such a plate in India is called Thali A plate with several compartments
Such a plate in India is called Thali A plate with several compartments Such as this one from this was the name of a popular Indian dishes – thali Another popular dish is Dosa Dosa is a large cake stuffed with something This is the so-called rava masala dosa potatoes with spices Inside Dosa is always served with chutney and sambar sauces Another popular flat cake is paratha In this case it is alu paratha Alu is potato and paratha is a flat cake As well as the dosa parataha can be different type Can be with potatoes, with cheese
As well as the dosa parataha can be different type Can be with potatoes, with cheese with mushrooms It all depends on the imagination of the cook Other super-popular tortillas are puri Puri fry in fittings in a lot of oil Served with different vegetables and sauces Usually puri is a traditional Indian breakfast If you have breakfast for these puri, they give you a large supply of energy But if you watch the figure, then do not eat them in the evening Often such tortillas are part of the festive treat On ordinary days puri are most often available only in the morning This is a very lively market in the old Delhi near the Chandni Chovk Metro This place is known for its street food Traditionally, Indians like to eat in the evening, when the sun sets and the Indian heat falls In the evening here on Chandni Chowk You can try these very delicious rolls with cheese These stuffed Indian pancakes are very tasty And you want to eat them again and again Pancake traders are engaged in this whole life And they are masters of their craft Contrary to the widespread myth In such places you will never get dysentery These sellers have their own clientele And if happens something like that It will be very bad for their business The probability of poisoning more in some restaurant here you do not see how you are cooked There is not only street food on Chandni Chowk but also a large number of, as I call them, semi-outdoor cafes, here they are called Dhabas and many Indians like to eat there. Prices here are lower than in the Punjab Sweet Corner Customers are simpler, but still, food is delicious too I’ve noticed that here, on Chandni Chovk such a strange thing is very popular some white noodles in a glass I have never tried it I did not want to. But there are a lot of buyers here this dish is popular among locals Maybe next time I come here, I’ll try it. I do not know how it called And this is the famous Indian sweet Yes, it’s called Jalebi Something like a cookie soaked in sugar syrup But jalebi is a dish or those who love sweet But I want to keep the remaining teeth Indians love to eat and do it always and everywhere In all markets that are not even related to food always my places where you can have a snack This is the Lajpat Rai Electronic Market Large market of electronics and electronic components here in Chandni Chowk And even if you came to buy electronics You will not remain hungry here Together with uninterruptible power supplies, solar panels and electronic components Here they sell tortillas and other delicious food Here, directly on the electronic market delicious tortillas are fried – parathas The same thing happens in the clothing markets and not only in the markets but also in large shopping centers another very delicious Indian flat bread that I like is naan Naan is extremely popular in the subcontinent this is butter naan very tasty with coffee Naan is baked in a tandoori oven from a delicious puff pastry In megacities such as Delhi or Bombay there are huge food markets this is huge food market on the Grant Road street in the Muslim district of Bombay or Mumbai Look how many varieties of rice here On pieces of paper written the price for 1 kilogram price of course in Indian rupees one dollar is about 65 rupees this is basmati, the most expensive grade of rice $2 for 1 kg the cheapest rice costs about 20 to 25 rupees Here they sell fish and chicken So there are a lot of cats and kittens here And this is a shop for chips and sweets also very cool stuff There are a lot of fruits fruit salads and fruit juices here they sell them at very low prices impossible for same stuff in Europe Here in Mumbai, near the station Grant Road a glass of juice or a milkshake will cost you only 10 -15 rupees Here you can try these kinds of pakors pakora – it’s vegetables in batter, in deep-fried pakora are different sometimes for fans of eating fire, hey make pakoras from chili peppers I’ve tried it once and realized that even though I love spicy food even for me it’s too much. For many fans to eat
even for me it’s too much. For many fans to eat spiciness of Indian food can be a problem For example, in one of the restaurants in Pondicherry we ordered such a delicious soup but it was so spicy that we could barely eat it If you absolutely can not eat spicy food tell the waiter that you do not put in food chili And this unusual dish is called shahi Kachori the dish is unusual in that it combines all the existing tastes there is sweet yogurt, spicy seasonings some sour sauce in its basis is a thin-walled ball of flour And this ball is stuffed with stuffing from different vegetables On top it is sprinkled with chips, greens poured by sweet yogurt, and several kinds of sauces If you come to Vrindavan be sure to try this dish in the Brijabasi restaurant And this Chapati or Roti the most common and famous tortillas chapati is Indian bread, which is served with most Indian cuisine dishes when did they bring Manchurian? just now this is really my food? Yes what’s that? This is Manchurian what it is made from? Do not know.. some vegetables.. do u need a fork? No, I use spoon.. I’ll wait for the Chapati this is a typical little Indian cafe where you can eat deliciously and inexpensively lots of such places in Mumbai you will be served there with pleasure here even a loan was granted to us when there was a monetary reform and we meet problems with cash we had large notes of 2,000 rupees but they did not have a change here they fed us for free just wrote down in a notebook how much we ate Of course we gave them information about where we stopped In which hotel and our names Our hotel was next to this restaurant These triangular tortillas stuffed with vegetables a variety of Dosa Now it’s cheese masala dosa Inside it is stuffed with potatoes and vegetables topped with a grated cheese Masala Dosa was the first Indian dish that I tried in India in 2002 Since then I have a tradition: every time I return to India the first dish I have is masala dosa and this is traditional Indian pizza called uttapam Of course, uttapam is not a pizza, it’s uttapam but the Indians themselves call it our Indian pizza Uttapam, like masala dosa served with two sauces white is coconut sauce and red is something like soup called Sambar It’s my tomato uttapam Indian pizza with tomatoes in fact in India a large number of places where you can eat classic italian pizza If you ever come to Rishikesh Do not forget to visit this place Pappu Lassi Corner lassi is a fresh sweet Indian yogurt very tasty and healthy here is the delicious lassi in Rishikesh Yogurt is inexpensive here the average glass costs 20 rupees A large glass – 30 rupees and banana yogurt – 40 rupees they make the famous sweetness of Jalebi we have already seen it on Chandni Chowk And here I will show they make it the dough is squeezed into boiling oil then jalebi is put in sugar syrup And in a few minutes the sweet is ready And this is a restaurant Topiwala on a shopping street in Rishikesh I ordered one of my favorite dishes called Malay Kofta Kofta in Hindi means cutlet Usually here 2 – 3 large vegetable cutlets in sweet nut sauce I also ordered 2 chapati this is not the cheapest dish but it is very tasty it uses cashew nuts which are relatively expensive in India if you stay long time in India then sometimes you can get bored with Ipndian cuisine in truth, this happens to me then I can advise you go to a cafe owned by Nepalese or Sikhs Usually in such not-so-cheap places you can eat not only Indian food, but also Nepalese, Chinese or European food I love MoonDance cafe In Rishikesh Here is a relaxed atmosphere and very tasty food The disadvantage is one – the food is quite long But maybe it’s good they cook it and do not just warm it up here is such an extensive menu Such places are mainly for foreigners the food is not spicy by default Here you can not only eat but also sleep on these pillows and mattresses They brought me this dish This is not Indian food Fried tofu, vegetables and salad Downshifters from all over the world who love rishikesh Often gather in the Mundance to celebrate their birthday you will meet people from all over the world here Americans, Europeans, Japanese, Koreans Russians and Ukrainians I met here also Chinese and a resident of Cambodia When I live in Paharganj in Delhi then I really like to come here, in the Drunk Yard cafe in order to eat Mexican food this cafe belongs to the Sikhs you can see the sikh in a turban near the window Sikhs are followers of one of the religions of India something between Hinduism and Islam I got my Mexican dish The dish is exceptionally delicious I do not remember how it is called Unfortunately I do not remember Mexican names well here two rolls and a bunch of rice with vegetables If you come to the most Indian city of Vrindavan but want to eat a completely European meal, then your way is to the MVT restaurant Here you can easily order this kind of delicious fried potatoes with cheese potatoes are very tasty I’m probably going to throw the video editing and run to the kitchen to fry my own potatoes you can also order such a beautiful soup puree This is a European-quality cafe and food is prepared here by Europeans the beautiful Indian girls work here is not necessary to go to a restaurant to eat in India If you live here a long time You can easily prepare your own food by buying food in a store or at a bazaar I now cook myself a delicious soup with lentils soup with lentils greens, tomatoes and potatoes Here is the bread With special paste for sandwiches And of course Thali how can one talk about Indian food and not mention thali I already mentioned the thali at the beginning of the film This is a fairly large class of Indian dishes that are served in a metal or plastic plate with several compartments in fact, tali is such plate itself From this the name of the dish I’m in Rishikesh now in the VanPrast ashram’s dining room many foreigners who come here to eat do not know how this ashram is called because everyone calls it simply Thali Ashram or Ashram, where you can eat delicious and cheap tali finally they brought me my thali Thali here is not always the same for lunch it is of a different composition than for dinner different days of the week chefs can also change the composition of the dish According to tradition, regardless of the composition, correct thali must contain all tastes sweet, salty, bitter, and sour and in this Vedic ashram thali always corresponds to the Vedic tradition at the moment such a meal costs about $1 It’s very cheap for modern india For example in the 2000s here in rishikesh It was possible to eat thali in the street Dhaba for 10 rupees and it was unlimited thali this means that they add food to you while you want it But these golden times are long past Despite that in India there are still many poor people the standard of living is growing and with it the prices And this is also a tali, but a small one so called mini special thali It is also delicious but small in this tali there is an unusual chapati green Capati with butter I do not know what’s in this chapatti maybe spinach or something else but a very delicious flat bread, called the missi butter roti Roti is the same as Chapatti completely same so keep in mind that roti and chapatti completely same kind of bread while you order your food in India. by the way, this is one of the Vrindavan restaurants And this is another of my favorite dish It looks funny, but I have all the dishes – my favorite a little disturb the signals of cars on the street but it’s India.. and also Pahar Ganj I’m back at the DrunkYard cafe. Ordered a dish of manchurian In general the Manchurian dish here refers to the Chinese cuisine This can be understood by name In fact it is just a roast it can be vegetable or meat This is vegetable manchurian In addition, the manchurian can be dry or gravy like this If you ordered a dry manchurian then it would just be fried vegetables or chicken this is another dish that I would recommend you try and here in Delhi, near the metro Karol Bagh on the street preparing very tasty and beautiful sauce Sauce is very picturesque boiling in the open air they put cheese Paneer this is some kind of dish with cheese Indian masala tea with milk and spices Tea is a very popular drink people drink it everywhere in tons we did order CHAI from this boy I asked him to put more ginger some times they put luck of ginger we can not ignore tikki In this review Tikki is a shish kebab you can eat both meat and vegetable tikki this place in the center of the PaharGanj street in Delhi I advise you to try tikki here It’s a Punjabi cuisine, very tasty Dudes appear only in the evening They get their counter out of somewhere put the grill and fry the kebabs They have three kinds of tikki Mushroom, cheese and with Tofu Tofu is soy cheese, common in india they add spices, butter, sour cream various sauces, gravies you can order shish kebabs as is, slices or in the form of rolls then you will add onions and wrapped in a large thin bread which we know as lavash in a flat bread like this First he dried it over the fire and then starts making a roll I ordered a roll with mushroom TIKKI The cook sprinkles the chopped onions lots of the onion poured sour cream wraps up then he cuts it in two with a knife This is my favorite place for street food on Pahar Unfortunately, Tikki is here only in the evening But they work until late the bustle here settles down very late so, on this I finish the 73rd film of my Indian video blog I made this movie for you, friends and also for myself since I miss Indian food being away from India And when I do edit a movie about India, I seem to be returning to this country for a while I hope that you liked this compilation share this video on social networks If you are not subscribed to my channel you can subscribe in order to be notified about updates it was Mr. Shanti from India I wish you all the best I wish you tasty food and bon appetite. See you on the channel IMTV or may be even in Inda bye!