Gandhi Mela is organized every year in Silchar since 1948 in  the memory of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation and the front line freedom fighter. In this blog we describe about the few interesting facts about the Gandhi Mela, Silchar.

Interesting facts about Gandhi Mela | Silcharlive

The beginning of the Gandhi Mela

On 30 January 1948, Mohondas Karamchad Gandi (Mahatma Gandhi) was assassinated in the compound of  Gandhi Smriti  in central New Delhi by the Nathuram Godse. Gandhiji’s ashes was sent in different place of India. Silchar is also included in the list.  In the initiative of the Silchar Municipality corporation  for the visarjan (immersion) of Gandhiji’s ashes took place on Malugram Mathuraghat.
The whole procession included by the thousand of followers gathered in the Sapnala(now Gandhi Bag)  who were mourning in the death of Mahanta Gandhi.

With the presence of all the people in the Sapnala ground then the president  of the Silchar Municipality Board president Satindra Mohon Dev proposed for a organizing a mela every year in the memory of Gandhiji.

This proposal from the president got overwhelming support from the and a bill was passed in the Meeting of the Municipality Board.

In the next year the placed was named as Gandhi Bag and in this year 1949 Gandhi mela was started in the Gandhi Bag. Since then The mela is held in Every year in Silchar.
In the year 1973 for the Language movement and in the year 1998 for the election the mela couldn’t be held in Silchar.

Where it is held?

The mela is firstly held in Gandgi Bag, in the next year onwards it is held in District sports ground ,Police parade ground , Narsing school ground , government School ground.

Organizer of the Gandhi Mela

Mainly the program is organized by the Silchar Municipality Board, the board consists of various other dignitaries. Their are also many government establishments, LIC, ONGC as well as IOCL also come forward to add charm to the mela .

It is an exhibition of 45 days and it usually takes some days for the mela to settle down and draw crowd.

The reason behind the Mela?

A mela or festival is a tool to bring life to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm.

Why the Gandhi mela is famous than other mela in Barak Valley?

Mela is organized since the times of independence. The Mela has a great effect in independent movement. The main aim of any fairs (Mela) is to unite the people. That’s why It is famous than any other mela in Barak Valley. This mela is also organized in many other places of India like Kolkata.

Budget of the Gandhi Mela

In the year 1968 the budget of the Gandhi mela was Rs. 1268 but  in the year 2012 , the income of the Gandhi mela was Rs. 27,56,417 and investment was the Rs.19,13,159. The profit was Rs. 9,07,488.

Gandhi Mela 2018

In this year 2018, it reached at 68th year .This Gandhi Mela cum exhibition was inaugurated by former Union Minister Kabindra Purkayastha, who was also the chief-guest on the occasion, at Narsing Higher Secondary School playground in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation and a front line freedom fighter.

Credits- Prantojyoti Newspaper dated 31st January
[more update of Gandhi mela 2018 is coming soon. Stay with us]

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